Saturday, July 12, 2014

Munchface, The Comedian.

Munchface is hilarious.  She tells us all kinds of funny stories.  Her most recent makes me laugh everytime I think of it so, I thought I'd share...

"... do you know Ms. Big ZiZi from the church?  Well, do you know her husband... the one who said the first prayer at church today?... Well, I was sitting by Grandma Lisa.  And.  He said bosom.  In his prayer.  On the MICROPHONE.  AT CHURCH.  He said bosom.  I had to laugh and I had to tell Grandma.  She started laughing... Now, Mommy, I know what a bosom is... He said bosom.  Does God have a bosom? He said bosom.  Like, who does that?"

We laughed about the whole 'bosom' thing for a long while.  She continued her story by mentioning how some of the kids started laughing at her...

"I was in Sunday School.  Someone asked me did I have fun in GA for the fourth. I said yes.  They asked me what did I do. I told them.  Then they asked if I saw family. I said yes.  They asked who did I see. I said I saw my cousin, Boobie.  People started laughing.  Then, I remembered about boobies.  MOMMY, HE SAID BOSOM AND I SAID BOOBIE!!  IN CHURCH!! I SAID BOOBIE IN CHURCH!!"

Boobie is one of my cousin's nicknames. After this realization, she demanded to know his REAL name.  She didn't want to EVER say boobie in church again. NEVER again.


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  1. That is why I had to get Munch her stool! She takes the place of my distant G-babies and through her, I get to vicariously enjoy the antics of the age group! Priceless!


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