Friday, July 11, 2014

What's all the Chatter About, Baby?!

It's Friday and the end to our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT WEEK here on the island.... hmm, Finale Friday? 

Yea, I think I like the way that sounds.  I don't know what it is about catchy titles but they make my blog world go 'round.


One of the steps I've taken towards building my online presence is to pursue opportunities that align with my blog goals.  I receive frequent emails from companies who want to partner or provide me with free products in exchange for a review or feature.  I've been featured on several websites and written guest posts for a number of sites... some of these features are as a result of a paid agreement I enter into with a site/blogger (where I pay for the exposure).  These opportunities have been great and helped to boost my readership.  I would, however, prefer to be paid for my content.  I'm no longer interested in paying others to promote my blog (at this time). 

I provided a link to my blog in response to a request for an article and was excited to learn the company not only wanted me to provide my personal story BUT to become an official contributor to their website.

That's right.  This chick is a PAID weekly contributor to!

Paid... As in they will Paypal me funds upon receipt of each blog post I write.  Sure, it's not enough to pay bills but you know what, Islanders?  It's the confidence booster I need to continue pursuing my dreams!

I have my first deadline to the site administrator this weekend and I'll certainly keep you posted!

So... What's the chatter about, baby? 

It's ALLLL about taking baby steps in an effort to achieve BIG dreams... progress, people.  PROGRESS!



  1. Awesome news!!! Congratulations hun. You deserve it...I love your blog and your humor!

  2. Congrats on your new gig! Best of luck to you!!!!


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