Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guess Who's Expecting!

"Grandma, I have to get my blue for my baby brother's party!" ~Munchface
Yep, the kid was certain her god sibling would be a boy.  She told everyone at her grandparents' home to get ready.  One, she's going to be a big sister.  Two, the baby is a boy.
No, silly. I'm not expecting!  Who is, you ask?  Well, here's a clue:
Have you figured it out yet?

I can't hold it any longer!  It's Tati!
Well, technically, Tammy and Langston are expecting.
We are just so excited for them.  I found out during our shopping trip for Easter goodies and outfits.  Hubbs met the bump a few hours before I did when he arrived to their home for some bromance time.  When I found out, I sent him a text and here's Hubby's response:
We, he and I, were excited!  We waited to tell Munchface until the timing was right.  Remember my hot water issues?  Tati offered us to shower at her place as needed and we accepted.  We arrived and, yep, she was still pregnant.  More pregnant.
Munch saw the bump and ran over to me, "it looks like there's a baby in there."  I told her to ask Tati.  So, she did.
Hands on hip and all.  No, I didn't pose her or ask her to do it again.  I just documented the process.
Tati confirmed and Munch turned toward me; she was excited!
... but only for 2 seconds.  Then, she was crying.
 We spent some time trying to explain there is enough love in Tati's heart for the new baby and Munchface.  She didn't get it.
Islanders, it was SO embarrassing.  We got in the car and Munch was distraught.  Tati was distraught because Munch was distraught.  I was... annoyed.
"We do not behave like that when others tell us good news.  We do NOT take happy times and make them sad.  I think that was selfish of you and we are NOT selfish people.  You are the only grandkid.  You don't have any cousins.  You don't have any babies in your family.  Do you know what that means?  We have to MAKE family sometimes.  Tati's baby is OUR baby.  Tati's baby is your god sibling.  You're going to be a big sister!  We are GAINING a baby not LOSING a Tati."
We had a nice talk on the way home.  Once she got it, she responded with one question, "*sniffle* can I put him on the school bus?"
... Sure, kid.  You can put the baby (we don't even know what it will be - boy or girl) on the bus when the time comes.  We called Tati back and, though she was crying and slightly embarrassed, Munch apologized while explaining her position on this whole 'nother baby thing.
From that point forward, we, the ENTIRE family, were excited for baby.
We've been holding this big news for quite some time.  Come back tomorrow to see how the world found out what Tati and Uncle L are having!


  1. That's awesome! Congrats to your family!

  2. Awww, congratulations to your family!

  3. It could be the hormones but reading this post makes me want to cry! LOL I was so touched by your family's reaction to our new blessing especially my Munchface! �� Memories that will last a lifetime! ��- Love you guys!


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