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Rustic Wedding - Day-Of Details

Rather than share the details of the rustic wedding and speak to what I did, I'm going to address some of my frequently asked questions (FAQs).

- How can I personalize my wedding so it doesn't feel cookie cutter?
- How can I host a fun reception for a couple who doesn't dance?
- Why are printables so expensive? How can I DIY my own?
- How can I save money on my flowers?

Who knows, maybe this will evolve into a series (much like my Wordless Wednesdays... Frugal Bride Fridays or something... IDK.  We'll see).
BACKGROUND:  I don't know if I've shared this but I know I've  mentioned Sheena's maternity leave from our event planning business last season.  What I didn't mention is when the season (2014) approached, Sheena announced she was no longer able to sacrifice the time required to co-own an event planning business.  As she settled into her role as mommy, Sheena realized time away from home meant milestones and moments could be missed with DatMyHoney.
Think about it.

We were busy 90% of the weekends in the summer (if not for events then meeting with potential and current clients to discuss upcoming events); I get it!  She assured me that, if I needed her, she would always have my back.  I appreciated her support but I knew DatMyHoney was growing and made a mental note to only call her for events where I really needed the help.
OK, with that out the way...

Absorbing the stress of this event and its construction took a lot out of me but it didn't feel like work.  I chose the venue.  I helped define the colors (and their use). I executed the floral design.  This wedding was pretty-much-basically MY baby... We started meeting a year out from the wedding date and met so often that I had to cut off communication until two months out from the event, lol. 

My goal for sharing the décor and crafts for this wedding is to show the crafts we talk about all the time here on the island can easily meet the requirements for a classy and beautiful event.  Let's get to it!
First, an update on the venue drama from yesterday.
Ceremony before?

Ceremony Space after!
Ceremony Space Décor

The Barn had an awesome view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the property line touches a small dairy farm so cows come right up to the fence that lines the ceremony site. 

Rather than detract from the gorgeous views, we simply added simple-yet-elegant and rustic décor items.

The mother of the bride wrote the sign to tell guests the day was about becoming family and not about sides:

Here's what the guests saw from the parking lot when they arrived:

I love the card box and that wood slice is the guest book!
After dropping off some items, the bride and her parents were leaving the night before the wedding but had one more task for me - using the chalk boards to come up with signage throughout the space.  I wasn't sure how to use this double-sided chalk easel so I came up with a welcome side that read, "Welcome to our happily ever after."
I lined the "aisle" with burlap-wrapped mason jars.  Each jar had a single hydrangea bloom.
Reception Space Décor

Do you recognize the pinwheel banner above the sweets above the sweets buffet?  Yep, it's the same technique we discussed here.  I just used the same technique from our tutorial in her colors with fancy-pants shimmery paper and wooden letters for an elegant rustic touch:

I'm planning a post where I'll discuss ways to personalize your wedding and ways to save on your budget.  One of the ways brides can save on the budget is to make the bridesmaids bouquets serve double duty.  We used the bouquets as centerpieces on just-about half of the tables:
O and what are those colorful bags in the chairs?
Gift bags to keep the kids occupied during the reception.  We filled them with coloring books and crayons, balloons, bubbles, candy and more.  They worked out GREAT for the young crowd :)
O and the bar was fabulous.  I wrapped ribbon around giant mason jars and placed lighted branches the mother of the bride purchased.  My bride didn't think we should use them because she felt they didn't match...  I knew it was all about finding the right location for them.  As suspected, once they were made pretty on the bar, we ALL fell in LOVE with the arrangements:
Aren't they great?!
I have more to come!  In addition to discussing the floral design, I'm going to share some common issues my clients frequently bring to my attention.  On your way out, check the other side of the entry/welcome sign guests saw as they left the ceremony.
Trust me, you don't want to miss the information I'm sharing.  I'll be sure to present it in such a way that it will improve how you host any event AND the DIY printable information will save you buckets of MONEY in the long run!
See you soon!

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