Thursday, July 10, 2014

Munchface, The Model.

So... I told you I had lots to share but I didn't say it was ALL about me.
Background: I'm learning that my role as mommy will change as my child gets older.  When she was younger, I devised my own future for her... assuming who I thought she'd be (maybe a singer?  OR a doctor? a teacher?  a lawyer?).  I've enjoyed watching her grow like a wildflower and, much like her stretching legs, Munchface has shared her desire to REACH for the stars.  The kid has some larger-than-life dreams.

IDK if I've told you but Munch has set her own extracurricular activities.  She wants to cheer again this season - DONE.  Earlier this Spring she asked for drum lessons from our amazing drummer (and music instructor), Mr. Zach.  She's been taking lessons for three months and she loves it.  She's also come to me asking about dance/vocal lessons and, most recently, she's said she thinks she could be in commercials and/or magazines.  She wants to hit the big screen.

Yep.  My kid wants to be in print and on t.v.  I have to be honest, I nodded and smiled when she said it...  NOT because I don't think my kid is adorable because, well, I think she's *like* the cutest:

... More because I don't want to be the mom who acts on every whim and wish of a kid.  I also refuse to become the mom who removes fun from the things she wants to do; I want her to ENJOY trying new things until she finds what she loves.  I want her to find what she's called to do with the life she's been given.

The Reality Check. Let's be honest.  She changes her mind all the frikkin' time.  One minute she's a princess, the next she's a rock star warrior... I mean, I can't keep up.  So, you can't be surprised that I paid her no mind the first two or three (maybe 10) times she talked about taking pictures, right?!  As she mentioned it more and more, however, I started to pay attention... to watch the person she became when the camera was on her... to listen to her songs she writes and to mentally critique her comedic routines she performs for Hubbs and I (more on that this weekend).
Maybe my kid could do it.

Maybe my kid really wants to do it.

I started to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities so, when there was a call for models on a neighborhood facebook page, I didn't hesitate to respond.  The shop owner requested a recent photo and clothing sizes for girls interested in modeling in exchange for free and discounted images captured at the photo shoot.

I sent along this photo:

Within 24 hours, I had a response.  Munch was one of the girls chosen to model for Tara's Tutus, a local tutu company capturing images to launch their new website and update their facebook fan page!

She was so excited when I told her the news.  Grandma Lisa was excited too, lol... so excited that Grandma took Munch to the hair salon to get the "fun hair" Tiffany, the store owner, asked for each of the girls to have.  Apparently, Munch chose her own style (corn rows on one side up into a side ponytail with big curls).  DONE!

Photo Shoot Day!

This is something Munch said she wanted to do so we had a family meeting beforehand.  We asked if she was ready for fun.  She jumped and said yes.  I promised to be in the background watching her to make sure she was really having fun and had a good attitude.  She twirled in response.  Hubbs and I called out different poses for her to try.

"Jump and smile"

"Give me a laughing pose."

"Look like you're having fun!"

"Look SAD"

"Look bossy!"

It was a great time to give her feedback (ya know, like "remember you're still modeling even when you jump or laugh...").  I wanted her to be prepared but didn't want her to be frustrated so the game worked perfectly.
I wasn't sure what to expect day-of so she wore khaki shorts and a new bright solid tank top (gotta love Walmart!).  The shop owner chose a purple tutu with a matching bow for Munch. 

She took care to fluff the tutu until it looked perfect for Munch's photos.

With our tutu fluffed and our mommy-painted nails and feet, we were off!

Remember our game of practicing poses?  Well, the owner wanted a group shot with the girls jumping and another one with the girls' arms up in the air.  Now, I know I'm biased BUT when I look at the group shots, my kid DOES look like a pro compared to most of the other kids.  What do you think?

All-in-all, Munch had a blast!  She met new friends and got to twirl like a [rock star, warrior, cool kid, SMART] princess in the park; it was a great time!

As a reward, she asked for Chik-Fil-A.  We shared funny stories and giggles while sneaking each other's fries.

I felt like she nailed it. 

The kid felt great about her pictures.  I got some cute cell phone pics but I was still pleasantly surprised by the individual photos captured by the photographer.

They make me excited to start her portfolio for our meeting with the modeling agency (date TBD).

I'm going to keep you posted on Munch's pursuit of her dream because Hubbs and I are fully committed to doing whatever we can to help her become whatever and whoever she wants. 

Thanks for joining us and for encouraging Munch on her journey!

Islanders, if Munch is willing to step out of her comfort zone and try something new, why shouldn't we?

Nothing is holding US back but US!  Let's get to it!



  1. She is too cute. You got a problem on your hands with them dirty lil boys B.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. She's so adorable and I just love how she is coming into her own. Wishing her the best of luck with pursing her dreams. BTW she was by far the professional of this group :-)

  3. She is beautiful! Good luck to her in the future!! She is so lucky to have parents who support her 110%.

    I have a friend that is "making it big" in NYC. We are so proud of him. We live in a rural area, the school he graduated from has on average 20 kids in the graduating class each year. He has been a several tv shows as an extra, he is a model and was in the latest Liam Neeson movie as an extra. We are super excited for his career.


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