Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6: Pantry Organization For Less!

We're continuing our 31 Days of Change series.   New to the island? You can learn more here.

I love to stroll the aisles of the Dollar Tree (DT) and I spend a LOT of time in the container/organization section.  I was super excited to showcase the fabulous finds in the container section of DT so I contacted my dear friend and DIY diva, Devona, to see if she'd let me help organize her spice cabinet.  I've found the areas of our home we use most frequently are the biggest eye sores.  It's easy to keep the look-but-don't-touch areas organized.  It's the places we frequent most often that are more likely to need some TLC.

We keep it real on the island, right?  No judgment, safe space, 'we can all relate' kinda place, remember?  That cabinet isn't bad but, as you can see, it isn't functioning either.  Everyone has a cabinet or drawer that could use some work, right? Right.  Let's get to it.

I planned to use the turquoise containers DT had available during the summer months.  Seriously, how awesome is that bright turquoise? It reminds me of the Martha Stewart line.

1.  One Color.

My DT had several turquoise items (photographed above) one week and the next week, all of the turquoise was replaced with orange!  Turquoise was a seasonal color and I was bummed.  We checked multiple DT locations and could only find a complete set in royal blue.  Islanders, color is critical when using DT containers to organize spaces.  To ensure your space has a clean and expensive feel, look for one color.

Uniformity is key to classic design!

2.  Frequency-Based Placement.

If you don't use it often, move it up or down.  There's no need to have something you don't use taking up prime real estate.  Devona had a lot of items for when guests visit a few times a year.  We placed them all in a bin on the top shelf.

When guests come, they can pull down the "guest" bin for their specific sugars, creamers, coffee, sauces, etc.

3. Make It Pretty.

Use labels (ours are from DT) to serve a double purpose: they clearly label the items in the pantry but they're also pretty.

We reinforced the labels with clear tape on the sides to ensure they lasted.  For those who noticed the labels are blank, you get a cookie!  We didn't have a chalk marker but Devona will label them soon, don't worry.

4. Keep It Lazy.

Many things in a pantry are used too often for traditional storage options to work.  Devona's favorite seasonings would look awesome hidden in one of those blue buckets but that wouldn't function well for her.  Consider how often you use items and make your organization LAZY!

For an ease-of-use solution, I used cake pans to create an affordable lazy susan.  I'll share the tutorial tomorrow but for $5, I made two - yes, two! - Lazy Susans!

5. Think Outside The Box.

DT sells a 2-pack of small storage containers.  I flipped them upside down to create a 'storage step' solution for her cans and small spices.

I also used a small drawer organizer (sold 3/pack) to hold tea bags.

... and another drawer organizer for the straws:

All-in-all, we completed Devona's cabinet and spent less than $15 in storage supplies from DT!

We are very pleased with how it all turned out... oh and by we, I'm talking about Devona, me and her Saint Bernard, Princess Leia.


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