Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paint Chip Guest Book Tutorial

Last Wednesday, I posted a sneak peek of the completed guest book from the surprise safari baby shower.

It's been awhile since that post so, here you go!

Paint Chip Mobile Guest Book


- Paint Swatches (they're free from any store that sells mixed paint) in your choice of colors. Note: I used 60 for this mobile
- Paper punch (I used 1.5" circle punch)
- Hot glue 
- Small lamp shade (I used a chandelier lamp shade)
- Ribbon (3 types, 1 you will glue circles to, 1 thicker one that will fill gaps, and 1 thin ribbon that will layer on top of the thicker ribbon)


1.  Use the paper punch to create the shape.  Be sure to work around any text on the swatches, you don't want that to be seen on your mobile.

2.  Lay your circles out to get an idea of the design.

3.  Remove the covering from your lampshade to expose the wire frame.  It will hang upside down (large end up).

4.  Cut your ribbon to align with the length of the circles (decide if you want them touching, then eyeball ribbon length before cutting).

5.  Glue the ribbon to the top of your mobile so it hangs straight down.

6.  Glue each circle down the ribbon.  I used 5 circles on the top layer and 4 on the bottom. 

7.  Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you've covered the top layer.  Be sure to evenly space the ribbon.  Then cover the lower tier of the lamp shade.

8.  Use the thick ribbon to fill the gaps between your columns of circle punches.

9.  Layer the thin ribbon on top of the thicker ribbon.  

10.  Use ribbon of your choice to mount to the ceiling.

Where would you hang this mobile?

- Over the crib
- Over the changing table
- Over the glider
- In a corner
- Over a reading nook

Mike and Ryan decided to hang their mobile over the glider.  

photo credit: my brother

Get this!  It is attached to the air vent so, it has a little movement!

It's hard to believe the circles guests signed at the baby shower transformed from dots...

... to a cute piece of decor for baby's nursery:

photo credit: my brother

I love capitalizing on the guest book at events to create beautiful pieces of decor for future use.  I might share some cute guest book ideas in a round-up post soon because I'm holding a grudge against the traditional guest book nowadays!  I mean, who needs a book with signatures or addresses in the digital age?!

Cheers to making this week fabulous!


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