Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back To Schoolin' Ain't Easy

You see the cute little graphic up there.  Back To Schoolin' Ain't Easy!  Part of my struggle is my years of having an evening routine that was a constant race against the clock.  Munch is used to a tight schedule.  Now, she is home by 3:30, has a 30-minute break, finishes homework, reads and has HOURS left before her bedtime.  We use this time to prepare for the following day, eat dinner, bathe and more but there is still plenty of time... Not to worry, Islanders, she's occupied.  Actually, Munch has used this time to master her ability to get on my last nerve.

So, this leads to my next series on the blog.  We'll call it "So This Happened" and, as a heads up, just get ready for some unreal - yet totally real - updates.  It won't be often (like the Maya Mondays or Wordless Wednesdays) rather, it'll be reserved for whenever I need to share some of the random things that happen in my life.

Yep, another cool graphic for it too...movin' up.  Back to my latest 'what in the WORLD' moment.

It was 7:15 p.m. and I was stirring a pot of macaroni and cheese (my recipe for a weeknight side dish - minimal ingredients, from scratch, stovetop, super quick and it's super yummy... hmm, maybe I should share that recipe...).  Munch returns to the kitchen after taking a bath.  She announces, in an overly dramatic voice, "my knuckle is bleeding and I DON'T KNOW WHY!" 

Islanders, I don't know what it was but something in my soul bubbled up and I knew what really happened. I spun around, swiped up her shin with my hand and replied,

Islanders, if you could've seen her face.  She was all:

And I was all:

After a few seconds of staring at each other in silence, she replied, "yes, ma'am."


Yo, Islanders.  My kid isn't even hairy.  I'm a hairy person. I know the hairy girl struggle.  She doesn't know that struggle.  Her hair is fine, light and is not noticeable on her perfectly brown legs.  Is SHE SERIOUS? I asked her why she did it and her response, "...because they were hairy," didn't make me feel any better.  I investigated the legs further and learned she only shaved her shins but that didn't calm me down.  I was livid.  I had to walk away.  She sat to eat dinner. Alone.  I went upstairs to call Hubbs who was picking up dog food and, in the middle of the pet store, he had to calm his angry wife down.  I hung up the phone and thought of my own shaving experience.  I texted my sister-friend whose mom knew she shaved when she walked in front of the floor model television.  We laughed about it... Then I got the giggles so badly; I couldn't stop laughing.


I had to pull it together and, with Hubbs on speaker phone, I delivered the news of her punishment.

1.  She had to wear shorts (to show her bare shins).

2. She would lose her favorite doll until her hair grew back from shaving.  Talk about devastated!

Now, I had to find a hiding place for this doll.  She can't sit in my room freaking me out. Uh-uh, boo.  You need a place to go. out. of. sight.

Can you believe my kid has bare shins?  Do you have a 'first shave' story for the books?  Is your pre-pre-teen driving you crazy?  Do share in the comments!

I hope you enjoy this series.  It's similar to the Snapshot series.  I'm going to continue to keep it real on the island.  Life is hard.  Parenting is hard.  Kids can make you crazy.  I'm hoping, by sharing our tough moments, other parents will be reminded their kids are normal and we can support each other through!

Cheers to shaving LESS in the colder months :)


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