Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: Tinsel Wreath Decor Ideas

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After Munch's debut yesterday, I was inspired to showcase how awesome this idea is and the many uses for it.  To refresh your memory, here's the finished wreath:

I had Munch make two wreaths.  These wreaths became the foundation for multiple decor ideas and, I think you'll agree, they make the perfect addition to any Halloween setting!

Chair Back Decor.

These wreaths are the perfect size for chair back decor!  All you need is the wreath and color-coordinating ribbon.

I found this adorable wired ribbon from DT and it made the perfect addition to the Halloween tablescape.  Aren't those spider web placemats adorable?

If I were hosting a dinner, I could totally have guests make their own wreaths as favors.  These wreaths are small but perfect for an office or cube door because they're festive but tuck away into cabinets until next year perfectly.

Wreath Topiary.

I stuck a wooden dowel through the wreath form and poked into a styrofoam block (sold at DT) and used a jack-o-lantern container I had on hand.  These would make great centerpieces at a Halloween-themed event or they look great anchoring a fall vignette or mantle.  

B-O-O Wreath.

While I liked the idea of Munch's wreath, I don't believe it's the right size for a front door or entryway.  To beef it up, I made a cute BOO wreath.  I purchased black foam core board from DT and here's how I made it!

1.  Lay your wreaths on the foam core board to determine the size of your -b.

2.  Use a kitchen knife (or blade) to etch your letter into the board.  Note:  I used one of the corners of my board to ensure my B had a straight backside.

3.  Once you have the final size, use your blade to cut the foam core board.  Don't worry if your cuts aren't perfect, the garland is forgiving.

4.  Wrap your garland around your -b.  Start where the two half-circles meet and work your way around the backside of the letter.

5.  Cut two strips of ribbon to connect your wreaths.

6.  Tie a loop and bow on top and enjoy the fabulous wreath! I plan to spruce up the bow before giving it to a friend.

I hope you're inspired to take simple crafts and make WOW decor.  Special thanks to Munchface for being awesome.

Yes, she was *totally* ready for picture day.  Can you see that lip gloss?  Popping, right?  My kid is cute and creative.


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