Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dirty30 - Turks and Caicos.

I'm so glad I get to enjoy the images from our sunny vacation. This winter weather in Virginia can really bring a girl down!


After a great day in Puerto Rico, we headed to Grand Turks for a fabulous day at the beach.  Unfortunately, the ship sold out of excursions for this port so we didn't get to ride the adventure horses on the beach (they went in the water!!) :(

Luckily, however, we were able to purchase a snorkel/beach package for $15 cheaper than the ship's price when we arrived.  $20/person AND it included a shuttle.  We were so excited!

... Until we saw our sad little "shuttle," lol.  The "guide" pointed at a few things on the way to the beach and I think that was the "tour."

The price also included beach lounge chairs, snorkel gear and access to a beautiful private beach...  It was hot out there so I jumped off the "shuttle" and hurried to the chair so I could FINALLY hop in the water.

Unlike me, Hubbs LOVES to snorkel... I'd rather float in the water or read on the beach so HOLLA!  We snapped a quick pic and the guys ran off to find the fish, lol:

Deb and I spent hours in the water and lounging.  It was so relaxing!  

While floating and talking with our new cruise friends, who joined us for the complicated activity of floating, I kept feeling something tickling my feet.  

Apparently, I had a fish that was in LOVE with my neon toes... I know!! What's worse is that I didn't even KNOW it was following me around until Hubbs snorkeled (is that what it's called? "snorkeled") right up to my leg following it.  Did I freak out? Duh.  My sad attempt to run away in the water was like a slow motion look-at-the-village-idiot show so I stopped and let Mr. Fish continue to follow me.

I found a cute shirt at NY&Co and used it as a cover-up... I didn't want something too long or made of a heavy towel-like material... The sheer design with buttons was perfect: 

After a short "shuttle" ride back to the port area, Hubbs and I hit the shops.  We found several GREAT gifts then enjoyed some food and drinks at Margaritaville until it was time to board the ship.

Saturday was a day at sea.  We enjoyed the ship's activities and shows.  Hubbs and I also enjoyed the view from my parents' balcony.

Do you see my lace romper?  I got it from Forever 21.  I didn't get a full-body shot but, for only $25, I couldn't pass it up!  Isn't it cute?

My romper certainly didn't have all that wiggle room, LOL.  I can't wait to wear it this summer.  I also can't wait to enjoy a sunset like this again:

Who knows. Maybe I'll get to surround myself with great people in a tropical setting in the near future.

Sunday, we flew out of the Miami airport... We were at the airport gate when Dani pointed out a sign above us that summed up the whole trip:

I fell in LOVE with new places.  I spent quality time with my loving Hubbs.  I saw 2 couples, who had been married for much longer than I, interact and flirt which reminded me how lasting love is.  Most importantly, however, I was reminded of what's important - the LOVE I share with my friends, my family and my hubby... A love for new adventures and discovering new places.

This is the face NOT of someone in the airport under the LOVE sign but of someone excited to share how she souvenir shops while traveling.  

Yep, there's more tomorrow :)


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  1. That is too funny about the fish! People pay for fish pedicures, at least you got to enjoy yours in a pretty location instead of a salon with your feet in a tank! Haha.


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