Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mom Review - The Boon Flo.

Have you created a Pinterest account? If not, you totally should!  I always find loads of inspiration - recipes, crafts, party planning, decor, fashion and nifty products.
One day, I stumbled upon a product that looked GENIUS!!
The Boon Flo.  From the picture, I gathered that it was the answer to prayers around these parts.  There were several issues with washing Munch's curls.
1.  Water in the face.  If 1drop gets on her face, she freaks out and begs for a towel and acts like she's drowning and... it's just a bit much.
2.  Washing hair in the bath tub.  Using this method, I ran her bath water, she leaned back to wet hair. I bend over the tub to apply the products and she leans back to have it rinsed off.  We ran into issues with this approach because it was uncomfortable for both of us, I could not rinse the back of her head very well AND she got an ear infection after every wash (due to water in her ears).
3.  Washing in the shower.  This seemed to be the best approach except, I would get soaked trying to rinse her hair and she would cry for a towel at every step of the process.  It also prolonged her shower time and I hated the amount of water we wasted.
When I saw a product that covered the faucet to spray the water in a fountain style but protected her head from the sharp edges of the faucet, I was SOLD.  Here's the online description:
"This Boon flo water deflector is also a protective faucet cover and bubble bath dispenser. All you do is slip flo over your faucet to gently divert the flow of water and create a waterfall effect for easier rinsing. Flo projects water away from the faucet and is composed of soft, protective material to guard against injury. The bubble bath reservoir dispenses suds with the press of a button and still allows access to the shower diverter. Flo is phthalate-free and PVC-free and measures 8 inches L x 4 inches W x 3 inches D"
I searched for more product information and was pleasantly surprised that it costs ONLY $14.99.
A life saver for only $14.99?
Ordered.  Shipped. Delivered.
OMG! Do you see those teeth?  The little ones keep leaning rocking falling out and big ol' grown-up teeth keep poppin' up in their place!  Just look at them:
Sometimes, she smiles and I'm caught off guard.  It's crazy.  She's officially a kid.  Always my baby but not a societal "baby."  Her legs are getting longer and her teeth are getting bigger... Luckily, UNLIKE her mama, those knees haven't gotten freakishly large (what?! I've got big knee caps).
Speaking of things that catch me off guard, her hair has grown so much.  Check out this pic of her hair taken right after we used our new Boon Flo:
Before detangling and without product.
The day after using our new Boon Flo, Munch wore her first big-girl bun to school.
You know we love our buns!
This is my new go-to mom product to recommend.  Trust me, washing hair is just one of those mom chores that can be a pain for all parties involved.  I'm going to start giving a Boon flo as a gift.  It just solved so much for us :)
Do you have any new products you'd like to tell us about?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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