Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update: The Move.

Hi-ya!  It's me.  Checking in.  We're officially out of the townhouse and into our new home.
It's been a LONG process. By long I mean that kind of process where you stop and wonder, "WHY the HECK am I doing this again?"
I also wondered, "where are all of those people I've helped move?"

Self, you're right.  I appreciate those who offered to help and Dani who came by the day before she caught a flight to Miami.
This move taught me a lot.  I learned that I have WAYYYY more craft and event supplies than I ever knew.  My supplies accounted for a little less than HALF of our entire shipment to the new house.  So many times Hubbs just stopped and stared at me like I needed to be on the next episode of Hoarders.
Cotton candy maker? I have 2 (plus a cake pop, pie pop, donut and shaved ice maker).
Apothecary jars?  I have about 30 (for candy buffets HELLOOOoOoOOoo) and vases for just-about every centerpiece you can imagine.
Table linen? Check!
Paper?  Tubs of it.
Ribbon?  I have close to 200 spools NOT counting the other hair bow making supplies.
AND THIS is just the beginning.  Paper punches, dowels, things I purchased to make into new things but never did, things I purchased to organize the things I purchased.
I let a lot go... A LOT.  I also realized just how badly I needed a craft room.  I vow, however, to develop a system to keep tabs on my things to ensure I never wind up in this situation again.
I'm creating a cheery space that will serve as the perfect place to create.  Everything in it will make me happy.  I'm one step closer to achieving my Dirty30 goal of my MOM DEN!!
Remember my list?
Stay tuned for the room reveal.  It'll come in the next few weeks.
Just thought I'd give you an update...
Join me for the real fun when I FINALLY share the lumpia tutorial!
See you then,

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