Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dirty30 - The Virgin Islands.

After our quick trip to Nassau, Bahamas, we were back on the boat and off to our Day 2 destination, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

It was gorgeous!  We arrived and, after a short 10-minute walk from the dock, we were in the town market for some local shopping:

Hubbs and Chaz (right) were checking out the silver bangles for the little ones.

Selling coconuts for coconut water.

From the market shops, we piled into a cab and up a windy road to Magen's Bay we went:

On the way, Hubbs let me steal a pic of his beer.  It's become his thing - trying the local beer - when we travel.

He said it was really good!  After a bumpy 15 minutes, we arrived:

My bathing suit I purchased from Nassau was fabulous!

My view... See my hottie Hubbs to my left?  He stayed blocking my sun!*eye roll*

After hours of fun and relaxing, we returned to the port area for some hookah:

We were taking pics and I noticed a certain someone wasn't really feelin' it:

LOL.  We were very hungry (you know that been-in-the-water-and-sun-all-day hunger? Yea, multiply that by like a gazillion).  He reminded me of all the great food on the boat... FOOD?! O yea, catchya later, homies! Hubbs and I headed back to the ship for lunch.

I washed my hair and didn't even bother to detangle or comb. It fell perfectly and I loved the layers.  I always love seeing my hair return to its natural state after it's been straightened; it's like a pleasant surprise, lol.  I was very pleased with how it turned out:

I know... The quality of pic is lacking but, like ALL the other images, it was taken with my iPhone.  Give me a break!

No, seriously, let's take a break and pick up with the Puerto Rico trip details tomorrow.


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