Monday, March 18, 2013

BFF Tea Party

My life is turned upside down this week.  I'll be revealing the reason(s) soon enough... In the meanwhile, however, I'm going to update you all on the life events that I haven't had a chance to share!

We'll start with a cute play date with one of Munch's close little friends, Chazzy:

First, the mommies and little ladies shopped a little, stopped for lunch at Panera then went to see the daddies play basketball.


One of the saddest things is watching the girls say goodbye.  They hug for a few minutes arguing over who will miss the other more.  One of them is always very emotional and the other takes the role of comforting.  It's interesting because they cry, not a temper tantrum cry, but a genuine cry.  It's contagious... Deb and I often tear up with them.  Weird, I know.  Awhile back, after going on a joint family date night, the daddies witnessed the farewell process and both fussed us OUT.   They declared that it's unfair to make them say bye every time they see each other and, to ensure both couples have an opportunity for date night, we should take turns hosting sleepovers.


It was my turn... SO, the girls and I planned a BFF tea party on the way home from the basketball game.  I decided to give each girl $1 to buy a gift from the Dollar Tree. 

One girl would stand at the end of the aisle with their eyes closed while the other would "shop" for a gift to surprise their friend; they had a blast!

We arrived home, the girls took turns hiding gifts then set to making cards for each other.

While they worked on their cards, I made a quick dinner - chicken salad, grapes, carrots and their chip of choice.  When they finished making cards and jewelry, they went upstairs for hair and makeup.  While they got pretty, I pulled decor from the stash and surprised them with a simple BFF tea party tablescape:

I used a hole punch, scrapbook stickers and kabob sticks to create the 'C' and 'Z' centerpiece:

I even pulled out my REAL wine glasses:

They came downstairs looking FABULOUS!

I welcomed them to the restaurant where friends don't fuss, took their orders (for butterfly sandwich sizes) and they took turns presenting their cards and gifts:

In the above pic, you can see where Chazzy was counting her hearts. 

Me: "Chazzy, WOW!! Seven hearts?! That's one for every day!"

Chazzy: "No, it's because I love my friend everyday... Even when I don't talk to her."

Sometimes, I think everything I need to learn about friendship I learn from a Kindergartner.

Zion wrote a long letter to Chazzy.  She started by saying, "we are little but we been through a lot.  we might be mean to each other sometimes but I love you so much I don't ever want you to go home.  You and me will be friends for ever and ever and ever."

Chazzy presented Z with a necklace and explained it had turquoise on it like her baby sister's room because Chandler loves her from heaven.  I teared up.  Toldya, these kids teach me new things all the time.

I baked peppermint sugar cookies for them to decorate:

Once I saw how many sprinkles were on the cookies, I announced the cookies were for Hubbs, LOL!  They took them to the basement and he actually ate them, lol.

It was time to find the presents! The sounds of giggles and squeals filled our home during the search.

Time for dessert:

They really had a blast!  I've found that the best way to minimize issues with little ones is to have planned activities!  It's true that kids thrive in structure.  This BFF Tea Party was a great way for friends to remind each other how much they care. 

Maybe I could plan a BFF tea party with my friends or women's fellowship... OR HUSBAND, lol.  Everyone can use a 'just because' reminder of why you love them, right?!

Just thought I'd share this small play date that really warmed my heart!

I leave you with the picture Munch drew for Chazzy... I was so focused on helping Munch with spelling the word MUCH that I ALMOST missed those boobies, LOL!


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  1. Great post...

    PS: Boobies...I thought those were shoulders..?


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