Thursday, April 10, 2014

Animal Friendly - A Pig and A Planter

Hey, Islanders!

Yesterday, I introduced Rocky.  I know you're probably wondering how long she'll last considering we got rid of our sweet little pissy puppy, Tico.

I've explained it before but I just wanted to clarify again.  It wasn't that I didn't like him or think he was absolutely adorable or that he was a bad dog... He just peed.  His little dime-sized bladder couldn't hold it for long and -- well, he peed.  A lot.  He had to go because we couldn't fit his potty breaks into our schedule.  Don't worry, he's in good hands with my parents.  He loves it down there!  He is a Jack Russell in training with the other boys and loves to catch frogs, jump in the pond, sling mud in the rain... he has no idea he is supposed to be a tiny lap dog... until he's indoors... covered in his mess of the day.  Yep, THAT'S when he wants to hug and kiss and play :)

You're right.  Guinea pigs pee too. They require maintenance and they can stink... and... Islanders, don't get me started, k?  On one of his trips to our area's pet store for fish food, Hubbs saw the cutest guinea pig pup.  It was the calmest and friendliest one of the bunch and he held it for quite some time... clearly, long enough to come home telling me about it.

I wasn't paying him any mind.  It was a few days before Thanksgiving and I had bigger things to worry about.  We were planning our Christmas décor (remember that drama? Read about it here and here), I had to make some dishes for the family holiday dinner... PLUS, I had a guinea pig as a child. *rolls neck, twists lip*

I know they're noisy (literally oinking and squealing for any reason - hungry, thirsty, in pain, wanting attention, etc.), they require a level of responsibility that I'm not sure the kid has just yet, they need cuddle time to remain social, etc.

He was persistent that it was the gift of the CENTURY for the kid... It could become her very own little living cuddle baby (we all know she loves dolls).  The pig is small enough to wrap up and carry around like a baby yet big enough to handle (remind me to tell you about the hamster and gerbil holding practice with the kid LAST year - HILARIOUS).  We talked and he wanted to take the kid to see the pig.  So, we went the night before Thanksgiving.

It was really cute and friendly.  Munch was doing really well with it.  It just nestled up to her neck and she was great with handling it.  The pig was rare - an all black guinea pig isn't as common as the spotted or brown or red pigs...  She was just so cute and tiny.

Islanders, remember when I told you (in this post) the man dropped us off at home the day after Thanksgiving to run some Christmas-related errands?  Yep, that was it.  He bought the guinea pig... A WHOLE MONTH BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

He hid her, her cage, her food, her clothes? Yep.  Clothes.  For the pig.  As in, the pig has clothes.  Anyhoo, he hid the pig in the basement bathtub.   He journeyed to the basement every night and morning to cuddle and hold the pig for 30 minutes.  When the kid went to sleep, he would play with the pig in the basement.  HE WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT HIS THIS PIG!

Munchface loved meeting her pig on Christmas morning!  We had a family competition to name her and Munch chose Rocky.  Rocky won over Princess Furbellina, Ms. Piggy, Oinker, Velvet, Midnight and a few others.  She's been a furry and fun addition to the family ever since.  You probably don't believe it but... this girl even likes to cuddle with her.

I can't believe how much she's grown... I picked her up recently and felt her little fat and have called her Rocky McLovin' ever since, lol.
She tries to act camera shy but I know better.

She nestles onto shoulders and just likes to be nosey.  I have to give her some of her grass (thus, the crumbs around her mouth) to get a good pic of her little face.  She's such a Ms. Piggy.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of animal friendliness, come back tomorrow to see how I turned an adorable candy dish into a planter :) 
Here's a sneak peak:




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