Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Stuff - Thoughts, Blog Series & Hair

Hey, Islanders! I know... I'm blogging on a SATURDAY!
I'm just poppin' in to let you guys know it appears the subscription emails are back up and running. 
I know many of you haven't received emails since Thanksgiving... Well, my blogging frequency hasn't changed... at all.  Feel free to come visit the island (here) to catch-up!
O and, since I have your attention, I want to share the latest "thing" here on the blog. 
Snapshot Saturdays/Sundays
I'm all about real-life around these parts so I want to share in-progress photos of projects around the house or in our everyday life.  Consider it a little dose of life unscripted. 
Today, 'round these parts, I'm washing my hair for the first time in weeks.  Why, you ask?  Well, I tried something different:
Marley Twists!!!
I know what you're thinking and, yes, they are a different style for me.  I fell in love while stalking pics online.

I really wanted to try the look.  I twist my hair often but adding hair will make it thicker and a little longer (mine are really long while wet but shrink after drying).
I mentioned to Devona that I was thinking of trying the style and she volunteered to experiment with me and I panicked freaked canceled debated agreed.
So, I turned 31... I've decided to make personal improvements to myself... to do whatever I need to feel GREAT because I deserve to give myself my best.  Well, in my pursuit of personal happiness I've also decided to push myself... to embrace and to improve myself (even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone).  Well, we did it. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, Devona twisted my hair.  She would've done them smaller but I wanted the twists to be big and natural-looking.

We rolled the ends and dipped them in hot water to seal them...

I was worried this style was too "ethnic" for the office so I enjoyed some cool buns and braids.  Most people thought, because I have so much hair that it was mine, lol.  My thoughts on that topic?!
Hey, if 90% of the big stars add a little to accomplish a style or look, why can't I?!

It was a lot of fun! 
When I removed the twists, my hair had remained in twists so long that I was able to wear a really cool twist-out then a big bun.
So, finally washing my hair... There's my Saturday morning. 
Now, back to what this series will mean to the island...

Maybe it'll be pics of our dirty house or of our hair treatments that require shopping bags to "activate" the deep conditioner... OR my battle with the never-ending pile o' laundry. Events? Home projects? Family time?  
IDK, everyone is so in love with their perfect homes, fabulous projects and angelic children that I find it refreshing when people are just REAL.  I love my home, my man and my kid... but some days they get on my last nerve and I stand on the premise that it's ok.  I feel bad sometimes if I have a less-than-perfect day... If I'm not selfie ready or steppin' out in style.  Maybe I'm crazy.  Maybe I'm alone in this feeling.  Maybe I'm the only one who giggles at those people who are so perfectly living life.  Whatever the case, I want to lead by example. I want to tell anyone who will listen that LIFE (motherhood, marriage, home ownership, family, work, EVERYTHING) takes work and has ups and downs.  The downs make the ups that much greater...  they're a fact of life... they're normal and this little ol' island? It embraces flaws as fabulous (especially since we all have them).
*steps off of soap box*
*sips water*
*wipes forehead*
I'm trying to justify posting pics of my crazy hair, jerk husband, dirty house and sassy child in an effort to rebel against this PERFECT LIFE epidemic social media seems to perpetuate. O and I'm kindly demanding telling daring you to debate ASKING you to support.

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