Friday, March 14, 2014

Real Home Inspiration - The Conclusion

So, we've spoken about some amazingly real homes this week.  I've also mentioned that I try to take the best from every home I visit so... SURPRISE!  I'm concluding the series with some short real home inspirations:

~ Mike & Ryan's Place: I love how Ryan keeps fresh flowers around the home.  The small bud vases in various locations make their space feel 'hotel fresh.'

~ Joy's Place: Joy has an adorable apartment that's perfect for entertaining. We've had a number of the girls over and, despite the space constraints, there always seems to be MORE than enough room.  I love her willingness to host (plus, her bomb food)and her smart use of seating (which includes bar stools that 1. don't obstruct walkways when they're not in use and 2. move around the room easily).
~   Eddy & Gaby's Place: Their home is decorated with custom Costa Rican furniture.  OMG! In the front room, there is a HUGE ox cart (historically used to tote coffee beans,  the carts have become a popular outlet/craft for local artists to decorate).  Gaby uses her cart as a cocktail serving cart.  It's yellow and hand-painted with bright colors and... well, it's only one of many conversation pieces found in their home.  I love how she's threaded her culture and heritage into every piece of décor in her home.

~ Tony & Jasmine's Place: Their brand new home was built to their specifications and they've been very picky with the décor choices inside.  My favorite part of the home is Jasmine's Christmas gift to Tony, an in-home gym.  She banned him from the basement for months and, as the holiday neared, she texted him clues of what was going on.  On Christmas morning, he went downstairs and burst into tears when he saw she was able to surprise him with a fully-furnished gym.  His high school awards and pictures hang on the wall next to his Michael Jordan paraphernalia, the gray and red paint technique (where she painted a giant red stripe around the room that ended in a Nike check), the refrigerator she stocked with Gatorade... Man, Jasmine thought of every detail and, even as a new mom, found time to make it special for him.  I LOVE the LOVE she put into the room.

Much like I'm striving to focus on the best in every person I meet, I'm striving to see the best in every home I visit.  I'm hoping this mindset will also help me see the best in my own home... to see the potential in its bland and/or empty rooms... to motivate me not only to start projects but to enjoy the process and to actually finish rooms.

Home, like its inhabitants, is a work in progress.  I hope this series has helped you enjoy the process.

Cheers to a happy and blessed Friday!


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