Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Girl Room - Progress.

Happy Monday, Islanders!

The inclement weather has shut down our area… I love snow days and, because this may be our last winter storm for the season, I figured what better opportunity to wrap-up most of Munch's big girl room projects?  

You're probably wondering where this is coming from.  Well, with all of last week's eighth birthday party talk, I started thinking how this will be her first big kid party.  I then realized that we still haven't finished her big girl room.  Sure, we've wrapped up several projects but… it's just not done done.  

In case you forgot, Munchface and Hubbs outnumbered me in the vote of where her room should be located.  They chose the auxiliary room above the garage and it's easily the largest bedroom in the house (the closet is nearly 20 feet long).  I'd be fooling myself to think its size hasn't caused some issues.  We had her room in the town house decorated in no time.  Of course, with her big girl bed and dresser in place, you only had walking room.

She completed homework assignments at the dining room table, had her toys in the basement and we kept her cute little room for sleeping and… well, being cute.

Here's how the NEW room started:

We moved her furniture into the space and placed it in the most sensible locations.

She lived like this for a few months.

The room wasn't finished but the kid loved it all the same. She was able to play and that's what mattered most to her.

I was nervous about hanging pictures and starting to decorate because I wanted to be sure I had a plan for her space.  Nothing worse than hanging pictures only to have to patch holes a few weeks later.

I shared my plan here, remember?

We started with the reading nook:

That same evening, I started what will be a small collage of frames (Pop-Pop and Grandma Lisa are going to provide us with a hand-written scripture for the blue frame):

A few weeks later, I painted her ceiling the perfect shade of pink:

It looks AWESOME!

We have officially crossed everything off the wish list!  Dom and Sheena got the perfect homework desk for Munch's birthday:

Devona purchased and assembled the book case the day before Munch's birthday party:

Tati and Uncle L bought the fabulous personalized Pottery Barn bean bag as a birthday gift:

Her room is coming together and it looks awesome!  

By way of update, we hung one of my favorite thrifty light fixtures a short while ago… it's the fabulous little pink chandelier:

It's made to plug in the wall rather than wire into the ceiling so, to keep it as easy as possible, I needed to find the perfect location in her room.  I thought hanging it in the reading nook would have an awesome appearance but with the cord length… and with how dim it was… and with the size of the chandelier… and… well, I just wasn't sure.  As has become typical with many home projects 'round these parts, I walked away thinking of where to hang it.

I purchased the lamp in September and didn't hang it until February… yes, as in five months later… as in I hate making a decision and changing my mind so it sat… on the floor in her room that whole span of time… as in don't go judgin' me, Islanders.  Anyhoo, I decided to hang the chandelier during one of our snow days a few weeks back.

My first order of business was to make a quick cord cover.  UGH, I hate cords.  Actually, I hate all things electronic… ESPECIALLY in home decor.  A cord cover was a requirement! 

Being snowed in, I couldn't go to the store so I had to use what I had - an old white fabric shower curtain and a leftover shelf support bracket.  I'll share a tutorial later.  Don't worry.  For now, let's just enjoy the pretty-little-something hanging beside her bed, shall we?

It gives great ambient lighting to the space and, because it uses smaller energy efficient bulbs, we're even saving a few bucks.

O!  She also has her window coverings - the blinds we talked about here.  They're great and, even though I'm still planning to hang the "stage" curtains in the nooks, I really love the clean look of the white wooden blinds.

I've mentioned purchasing a game table for Munch's room… one that she will use for games, puzzles, crafting, doll houses, etc.  Apparently, Sherry's husband came home with a few cafe style tables (with an iron base and a round wooden top) from his job.   Would you believe they were free for anyone who could haul them??  Sherry gave me one for Munch's room and, did you hear me when I said, it was FREE!!!

I just need to paint it and purchase the chairs.  I almost break into hives when I think about the paint decision…  Do I want it to be white or a shade of aqua or a soft yellow? I just can't decide so, as you can imagine, it's sitting in the garage waiting on me to decide its color fate.  This is the week to make that decision… for real.

Stay tuned for more big girl room updates and tutorials!

I hope your week is as productive as ours will be ;)


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