Monday, March 31, 2014

Sofia The First Party Inspiration

I'm back and I'm feeling better (thanks for all the love).  Goodness, I've missed you guys!
Today, I’m sharing a very sweet event scheduled for early May.  Remember Tony and Jasmine’s Guess Hoo baby shower (here)?
Just a pic of the cute shower cake 

Well, their sweet princess, Lea, is turning one on May 4, 2014.  Yes, this doll-sized toddler is turning one:

10 months old and still the same size as Munch's baby doll (wearing 3 month clothing)

 9 months old (on Valentine's Day)

In an effort to keep with the woodland animal theme, Jasmine’s planning the perfect princess party.


Sofia is the first Disney ‘princess of the people.’  She is a normal girl who became a princess because her mom married a king.  If you haven’t seen the show on DisneyJr, it’s got all the elements little girls love:  there’s magic (she wears a necklace that gives her the power to speak to animals), there’s princess things (sparkle dresses, parties, princess school and more) and there's life lessons in every episode.  Lea loves the theme song and wiggles along as it plays in the background.
The Inspiration
I found several free printables online for Sofia (totally living up to her reputation as the princess for the people). I'm so excited because we won't have to purchase any printable files! 
FREE water bottle labels we printed
FREE birthday banner
O and to help you (and me) visualize the party layout, I went to visit the venue awhile back and took a few photos.  Their neighborhood clubhouse is absolutely gorgeous!  Here goes...
The Venue
As guests arrive, Jasmine has plans to recreate a large balloon archway over the main entrance.  It'll look kinda like this:
I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not typically a fan of balloons as party décor BUT it's not my party and... I think... I kinda like the archway (o, hush.  I know what you're thinking).
 When guests arrive, we'll have a sign directing gifts to be placed in the formal sitting room immediately to the left of the entrance:
 We'll have a small banner hanging from the fireplace and that's the room where Lea will open gifts with her family after the party.
View from the main party room
In the above photo, you can see the main entrance.  That table is where this FREE sign will be displayed facing the entrance:

We'll put it in a pretty frame and place it on an easel in the center.  We'll also place all the royal adornment our tiny guests will need (royal wands and tiaras for princesses, crowns, foam swords and homemade capes for princes.
   On their way OUT, the other half of the table will have favor bags for each guest to take.
Here's the grown-up party room!

Each table seats five (eight tables = 40 total).

The plan is to have lavender and purple table linen with simple floral arrangements.  Jasmine's asked to borrow some of my birdcages to recreate some simple yet pretty arrangements:
Each arrangement will have a photo of Lea in/on it.  the small vases like this will be given to grandparents after the party as a thank you:

O and did you see those two large chandeliers?

Jasmine had an idea to hang the birthday banner between the two.  We'll also hang poms (at varying heights) from each chandelier and create two cool photo chandeliers. 

 We need to address the above photographed credenza. It's the perfect location for the cake and treats but the mirror is in an awkward space... it won't photograph well... at this point, I'm not sure how but we need a better decor element.
Other than that, Jasmine plans to put her artistic skills to work in the foyer.  Paper cutouts of birds and rabbits in these topiaries and mirrors will make this elegant woodland princess theme come together:

Off to the side of the main party room is a large rec room where the food, games  and children's activities will be located.  There's a large table and it's all WIPABLE surfaces :) 
- Coloring Sheets - I found free coloring sheets to use as an activity while we await the party start
- Pin the amulet on the necklace - we've decided to tweak the traditional 'pin the tail on the donkey' to fit our princess theme
- Apple Pickin' - Jasmine will paint a tree on a foam core board and poke holes through and place lollipops in the tree portion.  Each child will pick a lollipop and the one(s) with a painted bottom will win a prize
- The DJ shuffle - Clover, Sofia's talking rabbit, has an easy dance to give the kids an opportunity to move something
The prizes for each of these games will be $1.  How perfect for a first birthday, right?!
All-in-all, I am certain this will be a beautiful party!  I can't wait to share how it all comes together!
Stay tuned for more!

**UPDATE: this event has occurred.  You can check out the party wrap-up by clicking here**

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