Friday, March 7, 2014

Real Home Inspiration & A Yellow Table

Happy Friday, Islanders!

I've been sharing the deets of Munchface's Big Girl Room all week.  It's been fun to catch-up and, despite the list of things left to talk about, I want to take a break from her room's design and talk about another topic (don't worry, I'll still share a small update a little later in this post).
2012 - While Hubbs prepped her old room for painting, Munch read to him. I swear, the man NEVER wears a shirt when it's time to work, lol.

Over the years on the island, I've shared my struggle with making home design decisions and I THOUGHT it was because I wanted the picture perfect home.  Of course, I still do...  I'm just trying to refine my definition of perfect.  Truthfully, when I see the home design bloggers out there -- you know, the ones who snap million dollar pictures with their million dollar cameras for their million subscribers and fans to view... yea, those.  Well, those pictures used to motivate me to try new things. 
Lately, however, I've noticed that, rather than inspire me, they make me feel inadequate.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, how the HECK will I ever be able to justify spending nearly $1,000 to transform a perfectly functional closet into a cute little entryway bench?  Where would my typical closet mess (hats, scarves, purses, gloves, book bags and other stuff) go?  You mean, the WORLD would be able to see it... *like* all the time? O.  All the time or just the times when I happen to have a beautiful entry closet that I want my guests to see?  O.  You mean *like* at all times. FOR REAL?!
*Insert the internal battle where I try to understand why my coat closet isn't pretty enough for people to see... blame it on the man and kid for being slobs.  Then, mentally transition from the project to the problem of having an organization issue in my coat closet and vow to address it THAT DAY... only to realize I barely have enough time to wash my hind parts before climbing in bed let alone start a project to ensure the kid's gloves are matched and placed neatly in a basket.  Tabitha, what the heck are you thinking? You have a NORMAL perfectly functional coat closet*
What?! You don't do that when you see fabulous rooms and projects in blog land?  O, it's just me?  O.  OK.
My front closet in the old house started out pretty bad... It wasn't functioning for us at all.  We didn't hang coats in it because it was too full of random junk so I did take on that project.  I pulled everything out, painted the closet, installed some pretty organization and-- you know what, Islanders?
In the other house, I was more adventurous with color and paint techniques.
My view from the townhouse sunroom.  The man and kid were cleaning so I had to document it.

I was so sick of the townhouse that I was willing to try anything to make it function better for our lifestyle.

I loved the look of our front door after we changed the color from tan to black!
I took risks, I made investments and I reaped their rewards. Sure, I wanted granite but was the old place all that bad?
Munch was getting her doll ready for church in the old house.
Despite singing the new place's praise for just-about a year now, I feel the need to admit the old place was good to us... good for me.
Christmas 2011 set-up in the old place
I found my personal décor style in that home... even through my trials and errors.  I experimented with décor (orange horizontal stripe in the guest room, anyone?).
Munch's old room AFTER we painted it the perfect neutral
I learned what I wanted functionally in our next home.
The town house was far from perfect but it served us well for six years.

While I lived in that house, I planned for our final home.  It was during this time that I learned to appreciate the homes around me.

Part of it was because I was unhappy with my own.  At some points, I envied things about everyone else's place.  I was ashamed of the home I worked so hard to create.  I was embarrassed of the space I paid to own every month.  I didn't invite people over to my plot of land anymore... MY piece of the Earth.  At my lowest point, I would slip into a mild panic attack when my doorbell rang.

Who is here? Why are they here?  What will they think of my small house?  Does my house look as raggedy to them as it does to me? 

Thinking back, I was crazy. My home was (and is) beautiful.  Islanders, that didn't change how I felt about everyone else's home.

Sure, I didn't want to live in their home but there were aspects I loved. 

Where do I stand today?

I may not have the same house envy as before but that doesn't mean I don't still drool over the big-time bloggers with perfect homes all over Pinterest... it just means I also find inspiration in those around me.

Starting tomorrow, for those who are like me, I'm going to share what I love about my friends' homes.  Who knows, maybe you'll find inspiration in these things too... maybe you'll incorporate some of what I love about their homes into your space... my overall goal for this series is that WE will learn to look for greatness in our homes.

I need this series for me

I find it ironic that I wished for the home I have and now, I'm playing it super safe (almost scared to take risks).

Why is this ironic?!

Do I look like a play-it-safe kinda gal?  You see my Thanksgiving outfit - cheetah, plaid, red, leather - it's SO me.

I do what I want in my fashion choices.  I rock a big bushy fro. My kid dresses like a fashionista.  My man owns every funky sneaker there is (no... seriously).  We are a family that's big on style and we each possess our own unique personal style.  We march to the beats of our own drums in every aspect of our lives. 

Why, then, am I losing the best parts of US in OUR home's design?

The move-in tan walls were refreshing at first.  They offered continuity and flow that we didn't have before.  Now, I'm making plans to incorporate more of US.

So, two things:

1.  I'm going to share what I love about my friends' homes in a mini-series.

2. I've decided on the color for the game table in Munch's room.


Yep, yellow.  The pop of color I mentioned in the original plan (here).  I've been doing a lot of soft pinks, aquas and whites... It's time for some yellow!

I'm hoping to have it done this weekend so wish me luck!

O and stay tuned for the inspirational homes in my life :)



  1. Awesome! Ur not the only one who gets caught up in the sparkle of the blogosphere so I'm looking forward to your series.


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