Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Wrap-Up Part1

Easter weekend was perfect. 

I announced my big plans to blog over the weekend but instead, I spent my time with framily (family, friends and fRamily).  Here's part one of the rundown...

Friday, I went Easter shopping with Tammy... we both had last minute shopping to get done and decided to make a friend date of it.  I admit that I didn't have a dress for Munch and I have this grudge against white stockings and we had a few Easter basket fillers to get and Tammy needed to finalize a few things too... it was just productive for us to hang and shop and eat and talk and laugh and... you know, do the things you realize you miss about someone who's known you most of your life.

We both were worn out but I had plans later that night.  I was off to celebrate my rustic bride's bachelorette.  Where, you ask?  Toby Keith's I Love This Bar.  It was a really nice bar. I arrived and everyone was sitting down.  You know, one of THESE nights:

Like, why the heck isn't she up dancing?  Why isn't anyone up dancing?  My bride quickly shot down dancing by saying, she doesn't do that.  Everyone else explained that if I was so excited to dance, I could take this guy up on one of his four offers to dance (yes, he came to the table four times before I arrived).  I said I would.  A country line dance was played and I ran to the dance floor to learn.  Yep, Ryan and I learned a new kickin' stompin' line dance and had a blast.  We returned to the table, laughed a little and, wouldn't you know, the dancin' cowboy came to the table and asked to dance.  Everyone said, "we won't but SHE would!"  They all pointed at me.  What was I to do?

Get my hind parts up and dance, that's what.  I looked at my sis-in-law Ryan, and said, "you're coming with me."  She responded OF COURSE she would. the cowboy snatched me up and hurried me to the dance floor.  He held my right hand and put his other around my back,

"Two steps forward. One step back.  Two steps forward.  One step back."

I got it pretty quickly.  I mean, I CAN dance, guys.

"Now spin, spin, two spins, extend your arms, wrap, flip, I spin. spin. spin, swing. Got it?"

I was lost.  I was also, however, having a frikkin' blast!  He was a genuinely nice guy who just loved to dance.  I was twirling.  He was spinning and smiling.  WE were having a blast.  Apparently, I had an audience.  All of the girls were up and watching.  He grinned and told me, "the one who's getting married is up.  Let's get her out here!"

I spun in her direction and we both (the cowboy and I) moved her onto the dance floor. She tried to fight but wound up steppin' and twirling... she loved it!  LOVED IT!  When she was done, the cowboy twirled with several girls in our group.  It was awesome.  I'm glad I decided to dance with a cowboy in the name of SOMETHING to talk about at the bachelorette.  Here's a pic of our group's dancers and the cowboy (in the green).

It was a lot of fun and I learned a valuable lesson.  Sometimes the annoying creeper who nags you to dance is really just a nice guy who likes to dance... He said his mom and grandma used to always dance with him (aww!) AND the other guy in the photo said he grabs the guys at work to get them to learn all the time, lol.

Saturday and Sunday were loads of fun and I'll share the deets tomorrow.  P.S. you get a cookie if you noticed the photo bomb in the above photo :)

Come back tomorrow for more Easter weekend wrap-up :)

See you then!

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