Friday, April 18, 2014

Feeling Springy

We had a wintery mix on Monday and, despite the late spring weather, I was a little shocked by it.  A few days of sunshine made me forget the miserable winter we had this year ;) 

Anyhoo, it appears as though the land has resurrected despite Mother Nature's plans to keep it otherwise dormant.  Our greenery is popping up around the house :)


With the season upon us, I was so glad to sprinkle a little Spring around the house :)

Here's a quick update...

I've had extreme difficulty with finding the perfect centerpiece for our dining room table.  During a conversation with Sheena a few weeks back, she reminded me that in a larger home, one has to use larger tchotchke... I can't stay stuck in my apartment-scale or townhome-scale accessories; our place needs large-scale tchotchke if I want them to make a statement.  Case-and-point? The dining room table centerpiece.

For winter, I made 2 smaller arrangements to anchor the sides of the table.  After Christmas, I removed the Christmas tree arrangement from the center and always felt they're removal made the table look incomplete... empty... undone.  Sure, my arrangements were pretty but they were too small to matter.  Get what I'm saying?

You know how I feel about our new home in its awkward undone stage, right? It was driving me crazy for this space (my most complete room) to feel so far from completion.  I had to get this centerpiece together and ASAP.

I would go to Michael's and look at their assortment of ready-made arrangements.  They were all so over-priced or maybe I just know I could make them myself.  Whatever the case, I never found THE one.  They all were missing something - too tall, too skimpy, too short, too small, too something

I searched the internet.  Ebay? Amazon? Wayfair? Pottery Barn? Surely someone has a statement centerpiece at the appropriate scale, a reasonable price, the right color, right?  Wrong.

I found a few online but you can just never tell online.  If I'm paying $100+ for a centerpiece, it better WOW me.  An internet purchase seemed too risky at this point...

On a recent trip to the Goodwill, I was on my way out when I noticed a cute arrangement in the window.  I thought it was cute but figured, judging by the quality, it would be expensive (by Goodwill's standards).  It was a whopping $1.99!  WHAT?! I was sold.

I finally have a vase for the dining room table and, it will free my mind to search for the perfect year-round arrangement without my table feeling incomplete.

Islanders, meet my new dining room table centerpiece.

If I want, I can add more flowers or, as Sherry pointed out, I can build on it to make it more of what I want... I'm just so happy to cross this off of my to-do list AND to add a dose of pretty to the dining room :)

I know, I owe you an update on our Spring wreath.  Let's just say with the Scandal finale last night, I couldn't STOP looking at the t.v. to glue...

Yea... It's still sitting on the floor like this:

 I also have this cute little wreath with these eggs that I want to make an Easter craft for...
Probably won't happen but eh, at least it was only $1.45 (half-off sale day).  Then again, maybe I'll do something small... we'll see!

I have more spring décor and things to show you over the weekend.  No [blog] days off, LOL!

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  1. I love your Goodwill find! And the price? Wow! Awesome deal!

    I can never find anything when I go in ours. :(

    I can't keep my kitchen table cleaned off for any length of time, not even 5 minutes, to bother finding a centerpiece. hmm, maybe if I had one that might be incentive to declutter the table?? LOL


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