Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Baskets 2014

Happy Wednesday, Islanders!
As promised, here are the Easter baskets I made this year.  The purpose of this post is to show my mommy, a faithful reader of the blog, just how far my basket skills have come.  I'm also hoping you guys will gain some ideas for Easter baskets (or gifts in general) in the future...  Here goes!

We've already spoken of our babies' baskets (here).  Today, I'm sharing the deets of each of the baskets.
Olivia's Basket
I found the cozy hugs stuffed animal at TJMaxx.  It was a $10 splurge but it's lavender-scented and microwaveable for warm hugs and comfort.  Munch loved hers when she was a few years older than DatMyHoney and she loved to carry it around like a baby (because it's kinda heavy and smells so yum!).
Didn't her plate set come out adorable?  She drinks from big girl cups at school but when they're on the move, this plastic cup is perfect.  O and the plate is fit for our growing princess.
The Gyro Bowl... I've seen them everywhere and, since DatMyHoney loves her Cheerios, I figured it would be a perfect bowl for her to carry her favorite snack without the risk of spilling (if it works like it says it would).
I added the bubbles and BOOM!
Fabulous little basket for our fabulous DatMyHoney.
Lea's Basket
Our other little basket had the personalized bottle/snack cup coozie labels.  They arrived and they were fabulous!
Can you see the amazing quality of the labels? They really are SO cool!  O and the doll is the perfect size for Lea!
Gilly's Basket
Our little dancing fairy, Gilly, was coming so I was excited to pull together the perfect basket.  I filled a $1 basket with fairy wings, a fairy ballerina book (with a little charm bracelet), 2 DVDs, a tiara, a wand, a princess headband and more...
I got the basket stuffed and added a headband and shirt from my mom:
Rather than trying to fit the wings into the basket, I used them to seal the bag and it really topped it off perfectly!
Junie's Basket 
Five and Below had awesome things for Junie!  Among other items, I got a solar robot kit, erasers and candy.
Sometimes, 'Queda will Facetime me and Junie will tell me a joke.  It usually goes something like this:
Juni: Knock. Knock.
Me: Who's there?
Juni: Me.
Me: Me who?
Juni: No, TiTi Tabby.  It's me. Juni.
*insert awkward pause*
Needless to say, I got him some joke books (they were 3/$5 and Munch got one).  Joke books are a great way to encourage interactive reading between the parents and children.  'Queda also said he likes to draw so I got him an engraving art kit, a mini sketch book, charcoal pencils and some cool robot erasers.
Hubbs' Basket
I got his favorite gum for his car, his favorite chocolates, a salad mixer for his lunch and lots of socks. 
I found some funky dress socks at Target on clearance:
I also got the support socks (ideal for arch and calf support) for him to wear to the gym.
It turned out pretty awesome and he was excited to find a tie to match his pineapple socks for Monday.
All-in-all, I am so glad my loved ones were pleased with the gifts. I put a lot of thought into pulling together gifts that would be useful and, believe it or not, each basket was pretty affordable!

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  1. Thanks again for Olivia's basket she loves the items in it and we can tell you put a lot of thought into her gifts.


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