Thursday, April 17, 2014

TBT and Kids' Clothing deals!

Throwback Thursday
I know, we don't typically have posts like this BUT... I am still weirded out by how big my kid is.  It seems that, as excitement builds for each holiday, there's this knot in my throat that grows also... I feel like we just took family photos for Easter 2007.
Photo of a photo
Photo of a photo

I remember Munch showed out.  She was ONLY happy if one of my parents was holding her.  As you can imagine, that made THIS photo UNsuccessful:

Photo of a photo

2 minutes later, this photo happened...

It's a photo of a photo

She was a trip, right?  Can you see her holding on to my mom's top?  She thought I was coming to get her.  Mom or Dad had her and she would point to me and say, "no."  I would act like I was coming to take her and she would laugh and fight to hang on.  In the above photo, she was smiling (because she was with her two favorite people of the day) but looking at me.  If I moved like I even THOUGHT I wanted her, she was frowning up and telling me "no."  Eight months old... telling me no.  Girl, BYE.
Now, I'm preparing for Easter and my KID (I say it to remind myself that she isn't a baby anymore) wants to pick out her dress.  What?! Is this really my life?!
I took the above photo this past Saturday.  I wanted to share about the whole cart full of free clothes I got from fabkids.
* All opinions are my own; this is not a paid endorsement *
I first mentioned my adoration for the online shop when I shared Munch's birthday outfit for the Sunshine and Lemonade Party (more here).  Remember that sweet little dress I got for $15?

fabkids is a site that allows you to create a profile for your child.  Based on your responses to a variety of surveys, the site pulls together outfits your child would love to wear.  I check back periodically to see the seasonal outfits and they always have funky little mix-and-match outfits.  They were offering a BOGO deal and free shipping a few weeks ago so I logged in and picked out 3 outfits:
When I went to check out, I had rewards... in the form of credits... as in, for some reason, I would get $80 (almost exactly my total) of clothing ordered and shipped FOR FREE!  I realize that might be too good to believe so, here's the proof:
See!  Toldya.  Free.  It comes in a cute pink box, it removes the THINKING from on-trend clothing AND in a few weeks, they'll have wardrobe boxes on sale (I got 5 outfits in a box for $20 last year) for summer!  Can you say hellllllooooo cuteness?! 
Anyhoo, I placed my order and then I saw they carry shoes now... OMG and this one-piece pants romper? I need it for my KID (...she's not a baby...she's not a baby... she's NOT a baby):
GO NOW and get great clothes for a great price! Click here.  Don't have kids but want to be a cool grandparent or aunt/uncle?  I promise the clothes are unique enough that you don't have to worry whether they already have it (unlike at Target or Children's Place... where everyone shops so you can never be sure what they already have).
Here's hoping you have a FAB rest of the week :)

P.S. I'll have the update on our Spring wreath tomorrow... it's coming together nicely :)


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  1. What a cool site!

    My daughter is turning 20 in June, and I am having a problem with it. :( Where did my baby go? I don't care that I am getting older, doesn't bother me one bit, but her? I cry almost everyday, LOL.


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