Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Convert a Dish to a Planter

Happy FINALLY-IT'S-HERE Friday, Islanders!
I've had some random moments of green thumb-ness here recently and I'm kinda trying to get back in my groove.  Remember the Earth Day project from Kindergarten (more here)?
Well, I admitted then that I was no pro... I think I over-watered and killed everything in that pot.  That's right. I killed a cactus with my bare hands.

I promised myself that I would try again but... well, it wasn't a priority.  You know, wasting my money on innocent things to kill, that is.
Then, I moved into the new place and wanted some fresh greenery to spruce it up.  I bought a $2 aloe plant from Ikea and one of their $1 planters to put in.  Aloe is low maintenance and would really help me with learning to care for a succulent (because I REALLY love how they look).  To support my budding (get it?!LOL Comical genius or nah?) love of green things, Tati bought us a houseplant as a housewarming gift shortly after we moved in.  It was a beautiful air purifier and, more important than oxygen, Tati promised to help me keep it alive.  I took my plant ownership serious!  I went to the store and bought plant food, I committed to weekly watering, I was ready!

Then, there was the gnat infestation.  I later learned it was from the gym (when Hubbs filled the punching bag's base with water instead of sand).  During the initial TRAUMA of it all, however, I blamed the plant and, to make the gnats go away, I starved it for months.  The plant got pretty sick... like, really sick... the if-I-post-a-picture-you-might-call-the-plant-people-on-me kinda sick.  I'm still working to bring her back to life but I've been so proud of my aloe plant; it's truly thriving.
I also told you about how I worked in my yard before we hung the Christmas decorations... clearing out flower beds made me appreciate the curb appeal even more... it was almost therapeutic.  It was too cold for any yard work BUT I became increasingly more interested in plants.
I've noticed some unique planters around blogland:
 How perfect are these tea cup planters as gifts, favors or prizes for a tea party-themed event?
These tea pot arrangements make great gifts for Mother's Day or Easter, right?!
I would love to convert a [baby] shoe into a small planter for my craft room, how cute?!
This bird planter was my fave and proves any unique dish can become the perfect planter!
Maybe I was bitten by the unique planter bug... maybe I was looking for a reason to purchase one of the pieces from the Target Valentine's Day collection... whatever the case, during the same visit where I purchased the gift bags for artwork in Munch's room (more info here), I saw the adorable puppy candy dish I wanted was on clearance.  At $2.98, I jumped on the purchase - that's 80% off from the original $15 price tag!!  I thought he was SO cute from the first moment we met in January.  I just already have a cool candy dish (from the same holiday collection at Target five years ago) so I didn't NEED him at the time. 
With a clearance price like that I couldn't resist.  The price alone was enough to justify purchasing him in my mind.  Islanders, meet my pug planter:
I just love that sweet little face and his aqua nose is too cute! He's still available online but NOT for the same price I paid... Click here for more.
If you have some dishes or mugs or knick-knacks you would like to convert to usable eye candy, follow these simple steps!
How to Convert a Dish to a Planter
~ Beads/Gems
~ Planter/Dish
~ Dirt
~ Plant of choice
1.  I rummaged through my party table scatter and found this baggie of random jewels:
I separated the flower beads out (I plan to use them for the Sofia The First party):
I put the remaining beads in the dish.  These beads are sold in the craft section at the Dollar Tree and just-about everywhere else (craft stores, Walmart, pet stores, home improvement stores, etc.).  The purpose of putting them in the bottom is to keep the roots of your plant aerated (prevents root rot).
2. Fill with dirt.  Take care to create a hole in your soil that is large enough for your plant to be placed.
 3.  Place your plant into the soil.  I had to separate the roots and remove the excess dirt before placing it in the ground.
4.  Enjoy your dish-turned-planter:
Doesn't he just seem happier as a planter?
I've gotten loads of compliments on him from visitors and he just adds a bit of fun to the kitchen counter.  He's unexpected, whimsical AND serves as my small reminder to incorporate things that make me smile into our home's design.
I can't wait to convert other sentimental items into usable décor - some of my daddy's mugs?  My grandmother's sterling silver tea cups? Those cute little aqua mason jars I bought for no reason other than to enjoy their overpriced prettiness
Nothing is safe :)
Would you believe I told the kid this dog will be moved to her activity table in her room when I was finished painting the table?
What was I thinking?!

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