Friday, April 4, 2014

Island Spring Cleaning!

Happy Friday, Islanders!

I'm so excited to share that I've been working with an awesome designer to perform some annual Spring cleaning around these parts.

I partnered with a brand spankin' new etsy shop, Dragon Flight Digital, to spruce up the place. 

Check out her shop!

I'm very happy with the changes but thought it's only fair that I tell you what we did.  I mean, this is OUR Island, right?!

1. Title fonts have changed for all posts.

2. All body text for posts now has a custom default font

I love the font!  It's classic and clean yet still fun.  I'm not going to say it reminds me of a certain fabulous person who resides on a certain fabulous blog island ;) but... well, I think I just did - HA!

3. For future posts, I've made it so readers can quickly scroll through posts or click the READ MORE button to view entire posts

O and, before I forget, she also updated my social media buttons to include my Google+ and Bloglovin links.

Want to stay connected with the island?  Be sure to follow using the links in those darling little bubbles!
All-in-all, I update my blog annually around this time of year.  I still love my overall blog design but recognize I need to offer fresh content in a fresh space.  These minor changes HOPEFULLY will make blogging a little easier on me (no more manually formatting text for this chick) and will make your visits a little easier on the eye.  Special thanks to Amanda for the awesome design updates; she's the bomb!
Now, am I the only one NOT getting the subscription emails?
UGH.  Not that problem again.
Just when I thought I cleaned up one "mess" another pops up!
I'll keep you posted on my findings!
HAPPY never-ending to-do list FRIDAY!


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful write-up, Tabby! Glad you're happy with the changes. :)


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