Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrifty Finds - Columbus Trip 2014

I shared highlights of our trip to Georgia but what I haven't shared are my thrifty finds.  Don't get me wrong, I had an awesome time with family and got to love on my PawPaw (who is turning 80 so every opportunity to hug and kiss him is a blessing).  I wouldn't be telling the whole truth, however, if I didn't share that I'm equally as excited to thrift and antique shop when we visit.
I've mentioned the benefits of my inspiration boards (here).  One of the benefits is that I become so focused on a space's completion that (in the case of the craft room) I can't shop for anything else.  I'm sure if something caught my eye for another space, I'd think about making the purchase but I was so focused on MY space that every purchase I made was to enhance the craft room (except for some aqua capris the kid swindled me into and some headbands mom told me to jazz up for Z and DatMyHoney).
Don't believe me? Check out my loot from the weekend:

1. Cute storage box for the workspace - $.99.
2. Giant purple scissors - $.99.  They're perfect for the project in my head and I can't WAIT to get to work painting them gold!
3. Munch's find - $.99.  She is going to guest post here on the island with whatever she has planned for it but it's for my craft room.  She's going to write it all by herself and I'm extra excited :)
4. Frames $.99 - 2.99.  The gallery wall is coming together and these fabulous frames are going to pull it together.  Stay tuned!
5. Mini black globe - $1.99.  I plan to paint the chrome pieces gold and to place it on a cute shelf.  It'll be the perfect addition to the décor!
As if that wasn't fabulous enough, check out the other finds:
1. Dress Form.  I love it!  It costs $9.99 and it caught my eye in the Columbus Goodwill!  Sure, I need to make the base and top but, for $10?! I love it!!!!!
2. Starburst mirrors.  The smaller one was a gift from mommy and the larger one was hanging on the wall at Joey's Thrift Mall:
The mirror caught my eye from afar:
I walked up and it was priced at $19.99:
Cute but... the price??? I mean, this is a thrift mall, right? 

Yes, I said that out loud.  No, I wasn't alone.

It was just my luck that I talk to myself and the lady in the background of the photos was the BOOTH owner!  She heard my conversation with myself and offered me $5 off! I got the mirror for $15!  Man, what a difference $5 makes, lol.  I LOVE IT!
I can't wait to pull the gallery wall together and I'll be sure to share all the deets with you, my beloved Islanders!

P.S. - my favorite souvenir from our trip to GA is my UNCLE GREG!

He is staying with my mom, his baby sister, until the Fourth of July.  It's his first time visiting in the 20+ years that we've been in Virginia!!

We have so much to be thankful for - great family, great finds and a FABULOUS start to our summer :)

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