Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Room Update - New Art

Howdy, Islanders!
I'm going to take a break from the craft room updates in an effort to complete some tasks.  As usual 'round these parts, we'll come back to it for updates, tutorials and the big reveal (I think I'm actually going to have one with this space, yeee-ahhh boy).  Anyhoo, I shared the craft room artwork that set the tone for the space and I thought I'd share a new fave piece of mine in the family room.
I visit Ross on a pretty-frequent basis for a number of items (it's cookout season and they have the best less-than-$5 selection of clothes when Munch needs a cute fresh 'fit for cheap).  I especially love to check out their wall décor because they offer affordable options that pack a big punch.  O and their pillows!  Golly, I luhhh me some pillows.  I got this peacock pillow (with fab embroidery) for only $16.  I know that price isn't typically a deal in my book but, when you see and feel the quality of it, you can tell I got it for a steal:
In the case of our family room, I have a lot of walls. Large walls.  Walls that sometimes feel huge. Humungo, if you will.  Huge and intimidating for a thrifty decorator like myself.  Remember my gallery wall? 

Yea, that one.  It cost me a couple hundred dollars to execute (even with the Michael's coupon for the frames).  Now, don't get me wrong, I adore it.
It's a conversation piece for guests when they visit.  It really is a feature wall in the family room.  It also, however, isn't the only large wall space that needs attention.  On either side of our fireplace, we have walls that are a little larger than 5 feet:
O, you don't remember the accent walls I painted at the turn of the new year?  Want to know more about that brown-based gray?  You can get all the deets here.
Anyhoo, I may save-up to splurge every now and then BUT I can't bring myself to splurge on every.single.thing unfortunately.  Well, not right now at least.
My priority has been what people sit on, how the space functions and finalizing the color scheme for this space (which has changed twice).  I  buy quality in the foundation pieces and, because my track record has been to change my mind all the frikkin' time, I seek out affordable (cheap) wall décor.
Ross is one of the most affordable chain stores of its kind (in my area).  I can find décor at TJMaxx or HomeGoods for roughly 20% less at my local Ross .  Ross is also KNOWN for having awesomely affordable wall art and home décor.
All of those photographed above are very large pieces and priced for less than $30.
On a recent trip to Ross, a large piece of art caught my eye.  I flipped it over for the price and was BLOWN away by the $39.99 price tag.  Seriously?!  It's well within my budget and resembles other pieces in the room.  Yep, I bought it. 
With its ever-changing inventory, Ross isn't the place you want to leave something to think about it.
I couldn't wait to get home and hang my new artwork on the wall.  First, I determined spacing:
Then I hung the center piece by placing a nail for the top and using my Command strips on the bottom:
I used that pink leveler to ensure each piece was level AND to also space the canvases on either side of the center piece (the same technique for the feature wall frames).  Here it is all hung and pretty:
I strategically took the pic to show the coffee table centerpiece (I love how the colors blend).  O and can you see how I repurposed our family Easter basket from 'Queda to hold firewood?  It's coming together... No where near completion but... getting there.
I still would love to:
- Update the mantle with chunkier molding and paint it white
- Finalize décor on/above the fireplace mantle
- Hang artwork and find a sideboard for the other side of the fireplace
- Find and purchase the entertainment center for under the t.v.
- Purchase the Bob's blue armchair and ottoman for under this artwork and create a small reading nook (with lighting, side table, etc.)
- Replace the coffee table with either an oversized ottoman or a better coffee table (to match the décor in this space)
- Find artwork for over t.v. (built-ins? custom sign? the t.v. just floats and that annoys me)
Sure, there are things I want to do in this space... just not this second.  Right now, I just want to enjoy the progress.
Tune in tomorrow to see some other thrifty wall art I picked up from Ross.
Cheers to gettin' there!

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