Thursday, June 26, 2014

Affordable Artwork - The Deets

Happy Thrifty Thursday, Islanders!
Check out one of the antique earrings I picked up from Gina's Junk!  I love them:
Aren't they some unique CHANDELIER CHAND-A-LAY earrings?! LOL.  Yes, I've coined the phrase we talked about here.
Yesterday, I shared some of the cute artwork I purchased from Ross on the cheap and today, we'll talk details AND see the foyer update!

I saw this canvas and really wanted to have it front and center in one of our hallways. It fits perfectly on the small wall and Munch reads it to most visitors when they enter our home.  It goes something like this,
"May. our. home. know. hap-happiness, each. room hold. Laugh-ter. and every window open to.  poss-i-bil-ities, possibilities? Possibilities."
That's how I hear it at least.

This clock.  Man, I saw this clock at Ross on clearance for $15.97.  I left it. I assumed it was on clearance and the little wobble-y minute hand wasn't going to work.  I came back and it was marked down AGAIN for less than $7! I had to have it.  If it didn't work, I could always bring it back.  I pulled it out of the trunk to show Sherry and she was SO excited about it.  She rattled off ideas even if it didn't work.  I scratched my head at her creativity and promised if those batteries didn't give it life, she could totally have it.  #aintnobodygottimeforthat
I was SO excited when it worked!!!! I hung it up on the to-be accent wall in the kitchen right next to the fridge.  It's really a pretty piece :)

Right beside our front door, I hung a small canvas that reads, "A true love story never ends."  I read somewhere that it's good to have pictures and sayings like this around the home as they help to foster the environment most strive to create in their home.
I admit to winking at my affordable décor as I pass by.  Yes, because I love the sayings but also because hanging things on the wall... and not regretting the nails in my wall as soon as I do so, is rewarding for me ;)
Another addition to the foyer (where the small canvas hangs) are the fabulous Target canvases:

At $40, I bought one and THOUGHT I'd hang it in Munch's room.  Then, I debated on changing the kitchen color scheme to incorporate my new clock, my antique chalk board and, at the time, my one neutral-turquoise flower canvas.  Then, I propped it up against this wall as a pit stop for its journey upstairs and fell in LOVE.

It was the right size canvas for the walls at the living room entrance.  It was the neutral color scheme I wanted in the area and... Shoot, I needed two!

I rushed back to Target and picked up another one. 

ISLANDER TIP: To make it appear like two different paintings, I hung one upside down.  It looks like I purchased a set of two paintings!

I love the subtle statement these paintings make and I wish I had a kajillion dollars to purchase my dream entryway bench and to paint the stair molding and to buy the high-traffic rug I want... I know.  We'll talk about the foyer plans in the near future...

Yes, I'm still making plans to change things but, again, I'm VERY pleased with the progress... It'll all come together soon enough.


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  1. You have a knack for decorating, for sure! And for finding bargains! How lucky can you get?

    And I love that you turned one upside down! Oh my gosh, you are a genius!!

    Everything looks great!!


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