Friday, September 25, 2015

So This Happened - Nuke and Bae

You may recall the following picture I shared in a recent Wordless Wednesday post:

What I didn't share was that Nuke ran in the room and, as soon as I turned the corner behind him, he flopped on top of Bae.  For those of you wondering what a "bae" is, per Urban Dictionary:

Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.

In my household, Bae is sweetie [to Nuke].  We acquired multiple Baes from the surprise safari shower.

They were purchased at the Dollar Tree and used for one of the games.  I came home and dropped them in a basket in one of the spare bedrooms.  Shortly after I walked away, I noticed Nuke was head-first in the basket sniffing.  I fussed and he walked away but he returned a few moments later.  He pulled a bear from the basket and, from that point forward, the bear became his bae.

He licked and snuggled with the bear.  He carried the bear to his nap spot of choice and gently put it down before he settled for his nap.  This bae thing was pretty serious.  In the following days, it became a game for Nuke.  He'd leave Bae in the hall.  I'd see it and head in the direction to pick it up but he'd come from nowhere, pick it up and prance away as if he just KNEW I wanted his beloved slobber-coated toy. I didn't.  I just want it out of the way... stepping on slobber-coated fur is never fun.  Nuke has it twisted.

Yes, in the above photo, he is charging towards me because he thinks I want his disgusting Bae.  I don't.  I promise I don't.  Then, this happened.

Everytime I turned around, it seemed Bae was in my way.  One day my frustration became unbearable and I kicked Bae down the stairs.  Not realizing Nuke was at the bottom of the stairs, I stomped down the stairs.  He was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and walked away as if I didn't exist.  After about 20 minutes of silence and undisturbed steps (he follows me all the time), I called for him.  "Nuuuuuuuuke.  Oh, Nuke-y Booskie!  Nuke?"

No response.  I entered the hall from the family room and saw this.

My dog was ignoring me.  He acted like he didn't hear me calling him.  Seriously?!  I could only assume his attitude was because I kicked Bae down the stairs.  Really, dude?!  I couldn't believe my dog was ignoring me.  How you gon' ignore the hand that feeds you?

I can't believe the personality on this one.

Don't worry, I still LOVE his whole face and get on his nerves with lovies!  He's awesome and cuddly but, who would've thought, he'd be packed with so much personality?!


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