Friday, September 18, 2015

Back to Black: SheaMoisture Hair Dye Review

Have you ever had a week where you woke Monday thinking, "is it Friday yet?"

Mondays are the same for Nuke and  me; we just don't wanna... Don't wanna move.  Don't wanna wake up.  Don't wanna -- wait.  Did somebody say food?  Well, we always 'wanna' for that, okay?  This week has just been a blur and not because I'm running around crazy but because I'm adjusting to my new schedule and need to remind my body late nights are no longer an option when I have to wake up before 6:00 a.m.

All that aside, I have something to say.  *taps mic* Is this thing on?

To celebrate one of my favorite days of the week, I've got some news.  OMG!  I colored my hair for the first time ever!  I know what you're thinking and no, this isn't the first time my hair has been colored but it's the first time I'VE COLORED MY OWN HAIR.  I didn't do anything crazy so don't worry... I just missed the healthy shine of my natural hair color.  I've been upholding the promise I made to myself to make time for myself and to invest time in myself.  By doing so, I've been committed to regular hair appointments and I've even become more adventurous with hair color.

There was the dirty thirty hair color (January 2013):

It faded to the auburn:

Sheesh, can you see that line where my natural color met the dyed hair?  It was cool but it was definitely noticeable.  There was the indigo (Oct 2014):

Then, there was the purple and wine ombre of March 2015

I loved all of the colors over the years!  I planned to go back to blue over this past summer but my beloved hair stylist had a baby and took the summer off.  What was I to do?  The process of getting my hair to the right color was pretty intense.  Underneath the purple pigment, my hair was blond and pink:

Because I couldn't get it touched up while my stylist was on leave, I noticed the pigment faded and the blond, pink and other colors started to show through.  My hair was lavender, purple, fuchsia, blond, pink and brown.  It was NOT cute.

My deep conditioning treatments would bring it back to life so it was still cool when my hair was done and I always got loads of compliments when we were out.

It was cool but I felt it was time for a change.  It was so crazy because I'd condition it and get it fresh and it would look awesome and I'd debate over dying it, lol.

You see my face.  The frustration was real!  It was an awful cycle but I grew tired of the dry brittle hair... She (the fro) needed TLC and my stylist still had quite a long time before she'd return to the salon.  I did my research and decided to use a brand I trust, Shea Moisture.

Their products are great for all hair types and I knew their dye would be a great option for me!
Aside from the reviews of the product, I was comfortable using it because it's ammonia-free, drip-free and came with everything I need!  I was sold!!  I ran to my neighborhood beauty supply store and that proved to be a mistake; they were priced $4 higher than Target per box.  I also bought two boxes and that was a mistake; I only needed 1!  Why is that major, you ask?  I have a lot of hair.  Don't believe me?  Well, this pic was taken just before dying, I took down my bun and fluffed.

Again, all I did was fluff and click.  You see the lips, I was pretty much over the way my hair was feeling.  The fro was dehydrated and the color soaked up most of the moisture in no time; I couldn't win!  Of course, when it was time to color, the Hubbs professed his love for my hair and tells me the unique color makes me spicy and, because I'd never done it before, he prayed my hair didn't fall out.  Bald spots are never in style, Islanders.

*rolls eyes*

I started the process and I was super surprised... surprised one box was enough... and surprised the kit came with plenty of conditioner and shampoo for the job!

 How pretty is that box? Each one has a different watercolor portrait of a woman.  Have I said it was my first time?  Well, it was my first time!  I was nervous that I'd make a mess so I set-up a drip screen of black trash bags and I got an old towel because I was certain, again, I'd. make. a. mess.  The directions were easy to follow and the two-step mixing process was a breeze!  In less than an hour, I had black hair for the first time in years.  As far as the mess, their drip-free recipe is real! I had no spills and, with a good rinse, I didn't ruin my towel!  My hair felt a little dry at first but, after I applied a little conditioner as a leave-in (per the instructions) and the elixir for added moisture, I styled and my hair was fabulous; it was soft, shiny and looked so healthy!

I was loving my new look the following day at the office and snapped a number of selfies to share with those folks who supported me through the dying process.   Now that I've given a little background on the product and my experience, here's my "official" product review of the Shea Moisture Hair Color System.

Seriously, have you seen my hair? Why wouldn't I give it a perfect score for this performance?

Have you switched up your look for fall?


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