Monday, June 19, 2017

Kitchen Appliances Within Your Budget

Happy Monday, Islanders!

New appliancesNew backsplash | Updated countertop Updated cabinets

We've been talking about the townhouse flip kitchen and, if you can't tell, we did a lot within our budget.  Of all the eye sores in the kitchen, the ones that cost me the most would have to be the appliances, particularly the refrigerator.

Refrigerators need to keep food chilled at a certain temperature and, as they age, they work harder to do so.  I noticed the refrigerator in the townhouse flip ran often.  Loudly.  I then became numb to it... until I noticed it ran constantly.  As we neared the time to list, I started to price out replacement appliances.  Most people would say go for the stainless steel - they're shiny and new and all the rage right now.  I, however, have owned stainless steel and they're impossible to keep clean.  fingerprints and streaks, dulling and scratches... it's all a pain when you want things to appear as shiny and new as possible.  They're also much more than the standard colors.  For the townhouse flip, I decided to price out black appliances.  I've compiled a list of 3 ways to save money on your appliances!

1.  Price Match.

Lowe's and Best Buy price match (even AMAZON!).  This means if you find it priced elsewhere for less but want to work with your local stores, you can!  It also means research is key to ensuring you get the best price.  One perk for your local stores may be a cheaper (or free)delivery fee!  Take a screenshot and also email yourself a link.  When you're in the store, if you have any issues, pull up your email and access the link for reference.

2.  Be social.

People are selling new or 'like new' appliances all the time.  You can search your area Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for the best deals.  You can even negotiate delivery!  I found many people bought new homes and either didn't want their appliances from a previous home or decided to upgrade immediately after purchase.  At any rate, appliances are listed on these sites for a fraction of the retail price.

3.  Shop around holidays.

Your local home improvement stores have the best deals on appliances around major holidays.  Also, the sales start well before and end well after the actual date of the holiday.  You may be able to shop a full two weeks on an Independence Day or Labor Day sale!

We were able to replace all of these appliances for around $1300!  I found Frigidaire to be the most affordable brand.  Oh, and that price included the taxes, delivery, removal, and set-up!!  A few other tips include:

- Buy brand discreet.  My over-the-range hood has no visible logo and it was about $10 less than the one with the logo printed on the front corner.  This is a helpful tip if you intend to mix brands or prefer the look without the logo.  Be sure to ask the associate to see it.
- Walk away.  Appliances are big in both purchase amount and size.  Don't be afraid to take time to think about it!
- Measure.  Be sure the item you are looking to purchase will fit your space!  Don't assume appliances come in a 'one size fits all' size; they don't!
- Consider your design.  Make the flow and design of your space the priority before purchasing... Buy the best item for your space and needs!  Don't get caught up in the hype!

Now, I mentioned we incorporated the glass tile insert into the backsplash to make the big black appliances make sense.  I love how the space turned out and really appreciated how the appliances served a purpose in the functionality but also anchored the space... not to mention the refrigerator went out altogether so, a new one was RIGHT ON TIME!

Stay tuned for the kitchen wrap-up tomorrow!

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