Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 4: Lunch Prep! Big Brands! Free Stuff!

We're talking about finds and sharing tutorials using awesome Dollar Tree products this month but that doesn't mean we won't discuss life happenings around these parts too.  With a shift in our schedules to accommodate Munch riding the bus to and from school, we've implemented several things to make our morning lives easier.  Today is Sunday and it's become our family's day for grocery shopping, outfit planning and lunch prep.

Munch has decided she wants to pack her lunch everyday.  When she made this announcement, she also informed me that I can't seem to get her sandwich right - either it's too much or not enough of something (mayo, mustard, meat, crust, etc.).  As a result, she makes her own sandwiches and she makes all of them on Sunday.  We also bag all of her class snacks, chips, cut fruit (oranges and melons) and more.

Here's how we employ Dollar Tree products in our lunch routine:

- We buy our wheat bread (Nature's Own brand) from DT!
- We purchase our sandwich- and snack-sized bags from DT.
- We buy snacks (full-sized bags of potato chips, gummy snacks, cookies and more) from DT
- We buy beverage napkins for lunch notes (24/pack for $1)

I noticed the Hefty brands in the same aisle as GoodSense brand bags but I always bought GoodSense because I get more.  Then, I learned a tip that stretched our budget even more - DT is a couponers best friend.  Did you know coupons under $1 DOUBLE in value at the Dollar Tree?  What this means is if you get a $.50 coupon from Hefty brands and head over to DT, you will get those boxes pictured above for free.

Yes, free!!!

I thought it was too good to be true too... until I put it to the test! I had a coupon for $.50 off of Bounty brands paper towels.  According to the coupon, I could use four coupons at each purchase.  I went to DT with my four coupons and got four of the individual Bounty Basic rolls for FREE!
Can you believe it?! I couldn't!  Oh, and don't assume, because it's DT, that brand names aren't there.  Not only are the big brands there but manufacturers coupons usually work (unless otherwise specified)!  Here's a list of some brands you may be surprised to know are stocked at DT: Downy, Tide, Gain, Wise, Lay's, Pringles, General Mills, Palmolive, Hefty and more.  Check out their hair care section too! I have been surprised to see big brands marked down!

Everyone loves free stuff and, while I wouldn't normally buy individual rolls, I love getting quality items for free!  Hurry to your neighborhood DT and get your deal hunt started now!


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