Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: Coffee Filter Wreath

Howdy, Islanders!

I first shared my coffee filter wreath almost 5 years ago in this post.  I have used this same wreath for so many events over the years and, most recently, it hung over the garland we talked about yesterday.

It's large and has survived years of wear... the best part? I purchased all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree (DT)!


- Hot glue gun (mini glue sticks are sold at DT)
- 2 packs of coffee filters
- Large wreath form

Note: this wreath form is not available all year round.  You can most likely find it during the winter/spring season.  Also, ironically, it isn't located in the craft section; it's in the garden section.


1.  Fold one coffee filter in half (like a taco), then fold it again (triangle-shaped).

2.  Dab glue on the lower portion near the point.

3.  Place on your wreath.

4.  Repeat taking care to layer the coffee filters close together until it fills

5.  Once the wreath form is completely covered, fluff the filters to create a ruffle look.

I didn't fluff the filter until a few weeks ago.  After nearly five years, I revived the wreath and, honestly, I regret not fluffing sooner!To fluff, simply grab the ruffled pieces and gently crumble them in your hands.

If you would prefer, you can also use the pencil technique from the coffee filter pom tutorial to get a full and fluffy wreath. Here's a comparison of the two styles.

Triangle Technique:

Pencil Technique:


This wreath has served as decor in my home and in my events for years.  It never disappoints and has withstood the test of time.  During her recent visit to our place, my mother-in-law admired the wreath as it hung in our family room on our patio door.  She asked if I made it.  I replied that I did.  She informed me she wanted it.  I ignored her... until she was leaving the following day and had it in her hands. Would you believe my beloved wreath is now hanging on her front door.

Lucky for her, it only cost me a few dollars to make so I can easily replace it!

--- End ---

Whew, I feel like we've had a coffee filter series within a series.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Before I wrap-up the innovative uses for coffee filters, I wanted to share a list of other uses for them... because they are so awesome!

1. Coffee filters are lint-free and make the perfect partner for Windex when cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass items (ornaments, jars, etc.)
2. Protect your fine china by separating with a coffee filter between each dish
3.  Filter broken cork from your wine by straining the bottle's contents through a filter
4.  Recycle frying oil by straining oil through a sieve lined with a coffee filter to get rid of food
5. Use strips of coffee filters to remove wax (at-home facial waxing, hello!)
6. Put them in a plate to absorb grease from fried foods
7. Use as doilies under a plate full of cookies or mini cakes
8. Decor options are endless

Now, go buy a pack of coffee filters and improve your life! 


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