Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 5: Big Name Snacks at The Dollar Tree!

We have a section in our pantry dedicated to snacks.  I think it's the most frequented area of our home.  Guests, the Littles, Munch, Hubbs and I know where to go for the good stuff.  We've always kept snacks in the house but I quickly learned kid-friendly snacks are everybody-friendly snacks.  The man eats 3 packs of fruit snacks in each sitting.  Shoot, Flavor Blasted GoldFish rock my world.  Among our staples, snacks are at the top of the list.  Is there a storm coming?  Grab the bread, the milk, the eggs AND THE FRUIT SNACKS!

I feel like the big brands KNOW the treats will disappear quickly so, over time, I've noticed the prices have increased.  Does anyone else remember when Oreos were priced at $2.50?  I can't bring myself to pay close to $4 for one box... and did the boxes get smaller?

The Dollar Tree (DT) sells brand name snacks [in smaller quantities] but two years ago, I learned a DT shopping tip from a store manager.

Companies send their newest snacks to DT to test new flavors!  I bought two boxes of the yummy peanut butter pop tarts from DT before they were released in the grocery stores for more than double the DT price!  Every week, they get a new shipment of full-size big brand goodies in limited quantities.  Awesome, right?

Have you tried the Belvita snacks?

Well, they released in Dollar Tree stores before they were priced at close to $4 a box!  How awesome is that?  Recently, I scored some amazing deals.

Big brands also send products whose expiration date is approaching to DT for quick sale.

I bought several boxes of OceanSpray fruit snacks and all of them had an expiration date of December 2015.  Don't worry, they won't be around long in our place and, I'm sure, I've had a dried up fruit snack before and didn't even think about.  

Maybe they were expired?  Maybe I don't care.

Full-sized boxes for $1?!  Islanders, when you see a deal like this, stock up! Buy as many as you can.  Buy some for later!  Whatever you do, take advantage of the deal because you're going to regret it when you see them priced for much more.  

Hit up your neighborhood DT before your next grocery shopping trip to check out their deals.  You won't be disappointed.

*wipes forehead*

I think I've worked up an appetite with this post... I'm off to get me a snack.  Aren't discounts delicious?


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