Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3 - Take Fun

Regardless of my trip's travel time, I keep my car (aka - The Crumb Mobile) stocked with hush up supplies.  These supplies make phone calls, without 10 million questions, possible (sometimes), help us survive traffic jams, and make running from store-to-store easier on everyone.  Here are a few things to ensure you have everything you need to TAKE kid-friendly FUN on the road:

- Basket: something that fits on the floor behind the front seats and can hold all of your supplies
- Capri Suns or similar juices (emails have gone out with info about water bottles not doing well in the heat so keep that in mind)
- Snacks: I like to keep snacks that are appropriate for the season (for example, gummies and chocolates melt in the Summer)
- Coloring book with crayons
- Mobigo or other electronic game/dvd player
- Sticker book
- Small toy
- Wipes/tissues: runny noses, sudden accidents, quick clean-ups...whatever the reason, these are mommy life savers!

Trust me, once you stock your car, you'll wonder what you were missing... Munchface is used to it and, between the KidzBop CDs, basket o' goodies and the baby doll of the day, she's really well-behaved in the car.   Speaking of car organizers, check out this fancy one:


Mommy tip: Stock the basket and clean up the kid-junkified back seat once a week (Saturday or Sunday before the work week starts will ensure it's always ready for trips :) 

Happy travels!


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