Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11 - LAUNDRY

For this next blog post, I'm the preacher, the choir and the sinner... I hate laundry and probably need this post more than anyone!  I've said it before... laundry piles are never-ending. Sort 1 big pile into small piles. Wash each small pile then sort into smaller piles... then fold and by the time you finish 1, you've got another ready to go! WHAT ABOUT THAT MAKES SENSE? If ever someone comes up with disposable *fabulous* clothes, I'll buy them, pinkie promise!

Maybe if my laundry room looked like Shelly's from House of Smiths, I'd do laundry all the time... It's so lovely... Probably smells clean. Well, my laundry room is far from pretty... It might be organized (sometimes) but, having it in the basement makes it REALLY (too) easy to close the door and ignore forget about it - LOL.  Well, that's what I do... I've complained to my friends and compiled the list of THEIR advice for me... (hey, maybe it'll work), let me know:

- Wash 1 load every day.  My friend, Sheena, has advised that I should never wash more than I have time to fold... even if it means only 1 load/day.  I'd never fall behind if I could keep this rule up :)

- Fold laundry as soon as clothes come out of the dryer.  Apparently, doing this minimizes wrinkles and prevents the DONE pile from growing and never being put away.

- Never wash in HOT water.  It saves energy costs if you wash in warm water.  Don't worry your clothes won't know the difference between warm-hot and hot-hot...

- Place laundry baskets in the places where piles happen.  Hubby used to toss his clothes on step landing (causing a pile) with the justification that they were CLOSER to the washing machine if they were there... It drove me batty... especially once when Munch was on her way into the tub but stopped, WALKED AWAY FROM THE HAMPER to toss her clothes on the step landing too. I had enough, bought a beautiful corner hamper (that's huge) and placed in the pile's place... Now, TOSS all you want! I have the mess contained (...until it fills up and leaves me no choice but to wash... OR move it closer to the dryer....).

- Find a laundry scent you love.  The Gain - Apple Mango Tango smells divine and REALLY gets me in the mood to clean... Laundry serves as a great air freshener and, if it reminds you of Saturday mornings when mom used to do laundry, it might motivate (or relax) you as well.

- Pretty up your space. I am SO serious; if my laundry room looked like Shelly's I'd do more laundry.  I love pretty spaces and really think little changes like a large jar to hold detergent would make me WANT to hang out in the laundry room more... maybe ;)

Mommy Tip (from other moms who DON'T have laundryphobia as I do): sort your dirty laundry as you put it in the basket.  So you can easily see what load needs to be washed next.  It will save you time in the long run... If you can convince your family to take the extra time earlier in the process.

Wish me luck!


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