Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 8 - Mamarazzi

Every mom should document... Cameras, video cameras, baby books, school pictures, scrapbooking, online media options... It seems the list is never-ending when it comes to the art of taking, storing and displaying pictures of kids.  I take every photo very seriously because I know that when my memory fades all we'll have are pictures.  I've listed some sites and before/afters ('cause I loves them)...
Taken while she was playing in the car...

- - this website is free for the basic functionality of photo editing.  I paid the annual subscription for $25/year, I believe. It's worth it... I have a nice a camera but this website gives my photos a little something extra:


- Outfits: Choose outfits that capture their personality, are fun and age-appropriate.  Layers are great for photos because it give you options in 1 outfit and it allows you to mix texture and colors for a polished look. I also recommend that you think of where the photos will go... And find a color that will compliment your decor.  For our family photos a few years ago, it was early September but I layered Zion with tights and boots in the name of bringing some color to our photos. 

- Capture the everyday. I take photos of Munch all the time.  Sometimes it's the picture that keeps a funny story in my memory... Cell phones come equipped with decent cameras and there are even apps to edit cell pics before posting to a website... I love the memories I have in these cell phone shots:

- Take professional pics... At some point treat your family to a professional portrait.  I prefer not to be in a studio setting.  Something about the wind and grass and nature just seems to add to the success of the shoot. 

- Birthdays.  DOCUMENT THEM.  Moms take time to make birthdays special, you might as well have pics to show for it. I'm good for planning MONTHS (like 11 months) before the party and I put my heart into it... I LOVE having pictures of the details and the moments. I hired 2 photographers for her birthday last year (Candy Land themed and Blog post worthy, I tellya) and the pictures made me about cry. They were beautiful! This year, with my picnik software, I had the camera and was more than pleased with the results.

Candy Land B-day shots:

- Capture them at their best.  I don't care if it will take 10 photos to get the most flattering pose.  One of my pet peeves is capturing (or posting) pictures of children in a bad pic.  Let's try to catch them in their best light:

Photos are frozen moments in time... You might not remember everything about your tot when they're 30 so I highly recommend taking lots of pics now.  You'll thank yourself later... My pinterest (Tabitha Keese) has a Mamarazzi folder with tutorials for posing and a lot more.  FOLLOW ME to continue this conversation.  Happy Clicking!


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