Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 27 - Creative Costumes

My definition of a creative costume coming up was one that didn't require us to spend money - baby, doll, Marine, Ninja... these were my typical "free" costumes.

I found some AWESOME costume inspiration online for costumes that you can create for $10 or less!

- Crayons. Dress each child in a solid color and use black tape to create the lines of the wrapper design.  Take party hats and paint them in coordinating colors for your child's color of choice.  Parent costume could be a crayon box.

- Pringles can.  Dress your child in red, slick the hair with a part in the middle, make the mustache of card stock and, and re-create the pringles can sign using construction paper and poster board.

- Sushi.  Dress in all white, draw/color a pink salmon shape and attach it to the body by wrapping with black (electrical?) tape or ribbon.  For girls, you can create a cute green (wasabi) and pink (ginger) headband... Parent costume: kikkoman sauce? all black with red hat and a "label" made of poster board... Check out this CUTIE:

- Bag of jelly beans. Take a clear trash bag and fill it colorful balloons.  Use poster board to re-create the Jelly Belly label and adhere the bag to the body.... EASY and cute. You could also pin purple, red or green balloons to a solid colored outfit for Grapes... lots of bounce... and LOTS of fun.

Speaking of creative costumes, Munchface made a request to be Willow Smith from her video "Whip My Hair Back and Forth" and we've been hot gluing for days to re-create this look:

I think we may have done it for less than $20... I'll tally up after Halloween and let you know!  What are you doing to make this a fun holiday?



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