Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 15 Party Planning - Good Guest Guidance

Below are some rules to ensuring your little guest is a good party goer! 

1.  Review the Rules.  As I mentioned in my Play date etiquette post, there are rules to playing fair and birthday parties are no exception. Take time beforehand to give your little one the friendly reminders of what your rules are.  This will avoid any unnecessary issues.

2.  Be on time.  Please note that now is not the time to show up early unless you are prepared to help with last minute set-up AND you have already notified the hostess.  If you have an "active" child, I recommend arriving 15 - 30 minutes late.  This eliminates the stress of keeping your child busy with things to do until other children arrive.

3.  Bring a gift.  Set a standard birthday gift budget for the parties your child attends and stick to it.  I like to contact the mom (typically with my RSVP) and ask if there is a preference for gifts.  If you are dealing with young children, always try to give them something to unwrap because cards get lost in translation.  I like to give bubbles (or small baby dolls, and inexpensive story with something written on the inside cover)with a ribbon and a gift card attached.  If you're at a loss but really want to have a gift, considering having some personalized (artwork for their room or an embroidered robe or a special frame).  Personalization is always a great touch.

4. Lend a hand.  When you arrive, ask the party host if he/she needs a hand.  Step in a assist however possible.  Typical times when extra hands are helpful include: passing out crafts, fixing plates, serving cake, opening gifts (collecting trash), cleaning/setting up.

5.  Dress appropriately.  Be sure that your little person comes prepared for a good time and is dressed for the occassion.  If it's an outdoor party, come in weather-appropriate attire.  I like to dress in layers because you just never know... Also, consider the picture perfect PLAY clothes to ensure your child is able to move and play without the worry of ruining a special outfit.  Finally, bring a change of clothes just in case they get dirty and ESPECIALLY if you have plans afterwards.

There you go: my top 5 tips to ensure you (and your little ones) have an awesome time no matter what the occasion!



  1. Great tips I would also suggest that guess keep the party theme in mind. Dressing there child up to match or purchasing gifts to show that the event planners hard work isn't in vain.

  2. Always keeping me straight, Ms. Hotline! I appreciate you reading!


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