Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 20 - Beat the Boogie

...Boogie Man that is. Although I DO have a few tips for boogies (hm, maybe tomorrow's post?)... I don't know about your little one but MINE always has to get out of bed (like 3 times) before she's down for the night.  One of the reasons is the Boogie Man (aka the MonsterMan, the Ghost, the THING that's touching my foot, etc.).  We have a few tricks to RID her bedroom of WHATEVER is scaring her so everyone gets a good night's rest...

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Now my spray bottle isn't cute BUT that picture does inspire me to let MUNCH label her own bottle...  I like to use a Febreze spray bottle.  When it gets low, I add water and when it's gone... I add 3 tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent, refill with water and shake it all together... It still smells yummy and serves the same purpose as Febreze.

We've also created monster spray out of air freshener and it's the same concept.  Munch points to where the monster is and I spray that area... Please note, this does bring out the giggles so if you notice it's becoming a game, do a "super spray move" and assure your little one you got him with that move... Be careful though, I've been known to spray too much and 'bout choke us out - haha.

Another FAVE night-night product is the Bath and Body Works pillow spray.  It smells awesome and works wonders!  It's a little pricey but they have an annual (and semi-annual and almost annual and every other week) sale. 
While Munch is washing up, I spray her pillow so that by the time she's in the bed for her story, she breathes the soothing scent and goes to sleep (of course after she makes a few water, snack and potty requests).

 Another way we rid her little room of Monsters is with a good ol' night light. I love the warm glow of night lights but I hate the eye sore of tacky little light bulbs plugged in the wall... That is UNTIL I SAW THIS ONE on sale at Home Goods for like $8.  Isn't she fabulous?

You know sparkles are a MUST 'round these parts... It was pretty-much-basically meant to be!  If you have a little one and want a night light that makes a statement, check these cool night lights out:

Sometimes I wish all it took was a "magic" squirt bottle to make the monsters in MY life disappear...*sigh* For now, I'll equip my munchkin with the tools to face her fears... I'm sure one day, it'll take more than a little water to make her rest easy. 


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  1. OMGGGGG!!! I don't have children YET, but the monster spray is such a cute idea!!! lol Love it!!!


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