Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21 - Stop and Clean the Noses.

That's right. I'm not afraid to admit BooOoOgieS have almost won the battle a few times. Have I mentioned that I can't.stand.a.dirty.nose!!!!!  UGH. I can't and it seems like the first 5 (and counting) years little ones are coming out of a cold, catching a cold or in the middle of a cold...

Our personal nurse trying to make me take medicine on one of my MOMMY DOWN moments.

I don't know what it is but somehow runny noses mean boogies are EVERYWHERE... Smeared from cheeks to chins, in their eyes, on their's just a NASTY little SLIMY fact we all have to deal with.  IDK if these tips are scientifically proven but I can attest that my munch has seldom gotten a cold (that lasted longer than a day or 2) in over 2 years... Who knows, they might work for you:

- Gummy Vitamins.  Yep. Everything comes in GUMMY form now. I let Z pick out her vitamins (there are so many shapes) and she takes the highest recommended dose (usually 2/day) everyday.  When I see the effects of a cold on its way, I give her 1 gummy Vitamin C in the morning and at night. Shhh, don't tell anyone but I take gummy Adult 1-A-Day vitamins too, lol. WHAT?! They taste good!

- Vitamin C.  In addition to the gummy supplement, at the first signs of a cold, I boost her immune system by packing the following fruit into her diet... Did you know THESE yummy sweets are jam-packed with VITAMIN C?


Yep... And get this, I listed them in the order of the EXCEPTIONAL amount of vitamin C (all of them have MORE than oranges).  I sneak these fruits into her diet by offering them in a snack but ALSO my neighborhood grocery store sells natural fruit juice with these flavors.  Sneaky sweets how I heart thee!

- Airborne.  It now comes in child-safe doses!  I add the pink grapefruit flavor to a small cup of Sprite before school... She thinks the Sprite is a treat and gulps it right down, lol.

- Tea. She has a calming tea every night before bed while I do her hair... I think there's something about the mug (and slurping from the spoon) that makes her feel COOL... Little does she know, when I hear a sniffle, I change up the flavor to Traditional Medicinal's Cold Care P.M.  It's not the BEST tasting to the Munch but it's nothing a little extra honey can't help!

A combination of the above with a humidifier, steam shower and Boogie Wipes (pictured below) keep Munch LESS boogie LESS often.

Kids are exposed to so many germs everyday that mommies have GOT to be equipped with the supplies; like soldiers, we must be ready to win every battle of the boogies... Note:  if a cold lasts longer than 4 days and is partnered with a fever or sits in the chest, visit your doctor.  I also recommend checking out your neighborhood CVS Minute Clinic.  They have awesome convenience hours and take walk-ins!  So, go stock up on boogie battle supplies and get ahead of the cold before they get too serious!


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  1. You sneaky one...adding the grapefruit to the sprite! CLEVER!


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