Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Doll Birthday - The Plan

First, I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love! 

Ours was sweet and I've decided to begin *yet another* blog series because February 15 is the 6 months mark until Munchface's birthday...  That's right, if you thought I was JOKING when I said we start planning no less than 6 months out, THINK AGAIN.  This birthday series will help document the party's development and obligate me to post my step-by-steps!  So, rather than REVEAL one big party post, I'm going to involve YOU in the planning/crafting process.  Post 1... Here goes... (I'm exhausted already, BTW!!)

Munch has already decided on her theme(...back in August... immediately following her LAST party):

Baby Doll Bakery

I know, a what what WHAT-ERY?! I thought the same thing.  I feel like she purposely picks these themes to CHALLENGE my skills, lol.  Game on, baby girl. 
Islanders, I hope you're ready for loads of crafts because this isn't a theme I can just run to my local party store for!

I created an inspiration board to ensure I captured Munchface's requirements (Yes, she has *like* requirements...which originally included a BUBBLE table with people serving all colors of BUBBLES but don't worry I convinced her that won't happen. I can't afford a STAFF of bubble servers, kid!).  Anyhoo, here's what we came up with... so far:

Colors: pink, gray & white

Prints: Chevron (I heart it!)

Mama-Made craft projects: doll aprons, play food (felt cookies, polymer cupcakes, etc.), fabric streamers, entry wreath/letter, #6 (or cupcake) piñata 

Recipe trials: doll-sized cakes (stacked oreos?), mini donuts (must use my pans) and I've got a few menu items I can't wait to test out (thank you PINTEREST).

Games: stroller relays(?), diaper toss (bean bag variation), pin the pacifier on the baby(?), dolly-n-me fashion show(?)

Activities: baby stations (diaper changing, mini play bakery/display, photo-op for girls with their dolls as a thank you card keepsake, making real cookies and decorating their own mini cakes to eat?

Kid crafts: decorating paper chef hats or making (bakery-themed) jewelry for their dolls or decorating felt cookies with puffy paint "sprinkles" 

Other Ideas: separate table for dolls (with mini party hats, plates, etc.)

Favors: a gift box with a doll apron, the cookies each girls makes (in addition to the chef hats, aprons, baby doll goodies, felt cookies, etc.)

Ok, are you ready for this? Honestly, I don't know if I am, lol.  I don't typically talk about our birthday life to many people... I guess admission is the first step to recovery so... 


Check back often because I can't wait to post some of the projects!

How do you celebrate birthdays? When do you start planning? 

I'm so excited!


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