Friday, February 24, 2012

Craft Vault - Diva Topiary

I LOVE Pinterest and not JUST for the inspiration I find but for the heightened visibility and new visitors 'pinners' bring to the island as a result!  I have gotten several questions, as recent as last night, from MULTIPLE 'pinners' requesting a tutorial for the diva topiary I made for my cousin's baby shower.

The baby shower was in Savannah, GA and meant *squeal* the girls (my mommy, Munchface and I) scheduled a ROAD TRIP!  As an event obsessed planner, I like to contact the mommy-to-be and offer my help (can't it be stressful?!).  After the conversation, it was settled that I would provide the CENTERPIECES. What fun!! I needed something that would survive the long ride and that would fit the shower theme, DIVA BABY!

Here's how I did it:


- 18" topiary form (scroll down for pics)
- Feather boa (easier to work with than individual feathers)
- Artificial flowers (depending on the size of individual blooms, 9-12 per topiary)
- Duct Tape (check your craft store for a great selection)
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun


1. Cover the topiary (base and "stick") with duct tape.  Tip: Cut the duct tape the same length as the "stick."  It's easier to wrap lengthwise and saves a LOT of time and tape! 

They're sold at Michael's but you can order them from HERE.

2. Use small squares of duct tape to cover the 'under' area of the ball (closest to the "stick"). 

3.  Remove the artificial flowers from their stem. Tip: Choose flowers with larger blooms, like daisies.  Check your local Dollar Tree for a great selection!

4.  Glue the flower heads around the top (or ball).  Ensure even distribution of the flowers (I like to eyeball before I actually glue).
5.  Fill in the space between the flowers by cutting then gluing pieces of your boa.  Tip:  Cutting the boa could get messy (loose feathers can get everywhere).  I recommend working on a surface that will allow for easy clean-up!

...AND, that's it. EASY RIGHT? They were a hit at the shower and my pretty cousin loved the centerpieces!!
Side note: Can you believe how tiny she was? Full-term and ONLY a size 4!

The girls had a blast in Savannah too!  Some highlights of our trip include:

The amazing Sunday buffet at Paula Dean's restaurant...

Market shopping and impromptu photo shoots...

An awesome church service where we made new friends...

All in all, the trip was a SUCCESS!
The centerpieces really helped to pull the event together and I had a blast making them!
Cheers to celebrating new life and new blessings with NEW ideas!

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  1. So cute! Perhaps im slow but is that decorative duct tape? If so, I was unaware that they made it! Btw your cousin was full. -term in that pic?!?! Wow! She looks good and i totally get the diva theme! :o) - @jlo_flow

  2. I love the topiary! Great idea using the duct tape.

  3. I so need you on speed dial for my upcoming party planning. I love these topiaries. I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Sunshine Award. Stop by and check it out.

  4. Jlo_Flow: Yes, that is decorative duct tape, it costs $3.37 at Walmart.... They have all kinds of tape options too... AMAZING! O and yes, that little skinny girl gave birth the week after that photo was taken. Full-term and a size 4!

    Tammy - Thanks so much for the love! Duct tape was the perfect AFFORDABLE option to offset the cost of the topiary form!

    Jenny - Thanks for the AMAZING HONOR! I can't wait to return the favor SOON :)

  5. Omg girl! I love pinterest too. Its addictive but an awesome way to pass time. I just added my "follow me" link to my Bligh if you wanna be pinterest buds :D


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