Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama Rambles - 1

You see the graphic, I am just THAT excited about my blog! 2 fist pumps for having the motivation required to post more often in 2012!

To kick off this week, I'm starting an on-going series for the randomness in my head.  I have no particular reason really... Just e-sorting my thoughts, ya know?  My first blog of randomness begins with a product that makes me stop in my tracks whenever the commercial comes on:


The thought of STAMPING my nails in any color just warms my polishin' soul. The commercial came on this morning and we (Munchface and I) stopped brushing our teeth to shout the designs we wanted.  Toothbrushes held high with spit flying (hm, maybe that's how those splatters get on the mirror), here's how it went:

Munch: "I want the polka dots OO and the zebra!"
Me: "Me too but look at the flower; it's *like* perfect for my big toe!"
Hubbs: "REALLY?! Turn that mess down!"

WHAT? I'm not ashamed. We were excited! When I was a kid, I'd yell which character I was in a show ("I'm the pink power ranger!") or yell which car was mine while riding ("You see that red convertible? That one is my car!"). Let me guess, I'm the ONLY one who did that?  Well, whatever. That was me reliving my childhood for 47 seconds this morning.

Picture RED nails with one silver zebra nail! FAB.

...$10 and I get two...  Just $10 and I could give one to a friend... $10 and my nail polishing life would change forever.... Hm, $10?! Is it worth it?

I've told you that 2012 is a different year for me. I have a pile of crap  stuff in my basement to prove I easily spent more than $5,000 on crafts, DIYs, art projects, events, etc. in 2011 ALONE.  I have decided that every purchase in my new life will MEAN something...

I'm proud to report, in this case, I researched the product before buying.  There are mixed reviews which make me want it less (for now)...  If I buy it, expect a review and a giveaway (my first.. like. ever. Do I smell an excuse to purchase?).


My parents' bathroom caught on fire Friday.  Apparently, the VENT (you know the one with the motor/fan and what not) was running all day before it caught on fire.  As the flames grew, it melted the ceiling cover WHICH dripped onto the bathroom throw rug causing it to catch on fire and spread.  Luckily, dad was there to save the rest of the house!  Although I laughed at how he used the dixie cups to save the day...

LESSON LEARNED: turn off all electronics; you just never know!

::Moving On::

I'm makin' Valentine's shhhtuff with Munchface this evening so be sure to come back soon because...

I  be BLOGGIN' 'round here!

So, what's on your mind? Feel free to share your random thoughts in the comments section!



  1. We won't get into my mean random thoughts because sometimes it gets me into trouble! SO, for sanity's sake, my random thought to add to this is my love and joy for accessories!!! YES! Accessories!!! I'm addicted to cute necklaces...I could have a bummy outfit on and put a cute cute cute necklace on along with some cute earrings and #BOOM #POW #POW, I AM RED TA GO! I don't just go for the first cute on I see, I look around, go to a few stores then decide which accessory I want to add to my collection. My new thing is to have my jewelry made by ppl that I know so I own unique pieces that are of GOOD quality!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Danithedreamgirl! I love the handmade goods too! Accessories for me, for Munch and for the home are becoming an addiction. Let's go shopping in the near future! Goodness, I heart random thoughts ESPECIALLY those that talk about pretty little things! Happy Monday!

  3. Tabby, I have a surprise for you! Stop by when you get a chance. Thanks

    1. OMG! I'm heading over right now. I'm SO excited!!


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