Monday, February 13, 2012

Hearts & More - Valentine's Crafts and Recipes

Did time fly by as fast for you as it did for me? Valentine's Day is here and now I'm forced to rush and get my life together. 

I'm just really hoping Hubbs got the not-so subtle hint that I don't want anything for Valentine's Day... Well, I'd LOVE a new fridge (or some new floors) and, since we're planning some house changes in the Spring, let's just focus our funds on that.  

If you're like me and need some last minute help, I've collected some easy recipes, crafts and other Valentine's ideas below.  ENJOY!

Heart-shaped Sandwiches for lunch? 

Bacon Hearts

Classmate Valentines 

Munch and I have also been busy decorating the house and finishing her classmates' valentines. Can I just say, times have changed! School requirements took all the fun out of my plans!  

I mean, what kind of PARTY is that?! 
Here's what we came up with:
Boys' Valentine bag contents - pencil, eraser, notepad, bouncy ball
Girls' Valentine bag contents - pencil, notepad, eraser, stamp ring, glitter stamp "pen"
Munchface working hard to stuff her bags... For once, all I had to do was tie pretty ribbons :)
Seriously, would it be Munch if she didn't want to share the love with everyone (and make me broke in the process)? We purchased $1 heart boxes (with yummy chocolates) for her auxiliary teachers and got some cute $5 gifts for her teacher and her classroom assistant.  Her valentines were adorable; I just wrote whatever she said (Pop-Pop's read: "I love Grandma... and you too.") LOL.

Our Decor

We did a little shumthin' around the house... Nothing serious but, because I need this holiday to transition from Christmas back to real life (the house feels so empty when the decorations come down), we always place little hearts-n-things around the house... We'll make a few more items while she waits for dinner but I'm happy with things as they are now.

Munchface designed the garland all by herself (free paint chips from Walmart, in shades of purple, and a heart punch created a cute little banner) and that cute little pink birdie was a $3 find at Target.

I wrapped the letters ($1.50/each) in yarn then stacked and glued. I'll re-use the -O for Halloween (boo!).
Paper doilies ($1.88 from Walmart) just placed in a jar.

O and we practiced our heart pony tails for the big party at school... Check it out:

Everyday is a reason to love... Consider today another opportunity to tell someone how much you love them.

What did you do to prepare for Valentine's Day?



  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Can I just say I love this post? The heart shaped cinnamon rolls are so creative (makes mental note to steal this lol).

  2. Thanks, Ms. Hotline! I meant to post it sooner but our contributions at the bottom were a little tardy for the party, know what I mean? LOL.

  3. I LOVE that everything is an event! Im letting you know now that when I have a family (like 30 years from now lol) I will be stalking this blog for ideas! #thatisall - @jlo_flow

  4. Thanks, jl_flow! In 30 years, with the miracle of the internet, this information will be here... I hope! Thanks for stalking, I HEARTS COMMENTS!


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