Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Your Shine On: An Award

Happy Mama-Made Monday!  I would typically serve up some goodies but today I'm over-the-moon giddy about some great news I received over the weekend.


AND, not just any award but the Sunshine Award!

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jenny not just for presenting me with this award but for having cute (and frequent) posts that keep me stalking coming back for more!

The rules, once this award is received, are as follows:
1. Post the logo on blog
2. Present the award to (no more than)12 fellow bloggers
3. Link to the nominees' blogs so others can get to know them
4. Let the nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog 
5. Share the love and link to the person who you received this award from
6. Answer 10 questions about yourself

10 Q&As
1. Favorite color:
For decor - gray. I'm loving all of the shades and options in the classic and neutral shade!
For wear - Electric blue. It's pulls me in and does NOT let me go lately, lol.
2. Favorite animal: ZEBRA. One of God's miracles... I could stare at them all day! I also LOVE elephants (and birds... and dogs... and frogs... and... Maybe everything except possums, skunks, spiders and snakes? IDK.)
3. Favorite number: 7! God's number of perfection :)
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Starbucks Caramel Macchiato - YUM!
5. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
6. What's your passion? Redefining the importance of family.  Documenting my acts of love for my family, my stumbles along the way and even my coping with my daughter’s journey through little personhood helps me, of course.  I’ve learned that it also has the ability to help someone else be a better parent or to make time for their children.  My immediate reward is in the happiness of my family but my heart is warmed when I read notes of encouragement and inspiration from mothers and fathers everyday… They make my hot glue burns all worth it.
7. Getting or giving presents: GETTING My excitement for giving has grown over the years and Munchface fuels my need to find unique and perfect gifts.
8. Favorite pattern: CHEVRON. I LOVE IT!
9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday
10.  Favorite flowers: Peonies
*DRUM ROLL* Now, to pass on the award...

1.Leslie, of Sugar Sweet Sarcasm, left a comment on (and followed) my blog over the weekend. I found myself clicking through her blog drooling over the yummy sweets! What better way to show my appreciation for her follow than to send an award her way?  Leslie, I know this week will be tough but I hope this little award brought some SUNSHINE your way ;)

2.  Tammy, of Crafted By Tammy, is another of my sweet followers who was *like* my first not-my-mom comment, lol.  Her cards are amazing and I get Cricut envy every time I see her work... Especially since I can't seem to figure out making my Cricut CUT through the paper!!

3. Wendy, of Inspiring My Sisters, followed a few weeks ago. Click here for genuine rays of SUNSHINE for the soul.  In a world where, so often, HATE and jealousy fuel the relationships among women, she encourages us to take care of ourselves and to maintain our positive outlook on life.  Can't be mad at that!

4.  Krystle, of Life Revolves Around Them, documents her days in the life of a happily married mommy of 2 (with #3 on the way).  She has a great blog and I'm just happy for her and my buddy, Matt; they are the cutest!

5.  Melanie, of Once a Miss Now a Queen, is so fabulous!  Ever have those friends who are good at everything? You know, the ones who make pretty babies, take awesome pictures, are graphic designers, make amazing crafts, work a full-time job AND have the time to document their beautiful baby's growing up?  Well, Melanie is one of "those" and her blog is awesome.

6. Shelly, of House of Smiths, is totally *like* designing *like* my dream home.  When she's finished, I'm going to get a loan and buy her out of her fully-furnished, perfectly & cheerfully decorated home in UT (yes, I JUST told my husband that I totally want to go thrift shopping there because Shelly has the BEST finds. He thought I was crazy... Then made an announcement. I'll give you a hint - GUESS who is going there on business? HIM. ::eyeroll::). Anways, she's like my celebrity-DIY-blogger-crush-person and I HAD to finally include her in my awards because she IS my blog sunshine. I may have said that with a bang on my desk for emphasis. Seriously people, if you don't know about her (her pantry and her skills) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?


>End Scene<

I really appreciate (and will continue to share) the love.  I will ALSO give the award to other bloggers as soon as I can get over the moon and come back to Earth... I was just so excited that I had to release an oober important press release post about the latest amazing island honor! 

So, that makes 2 blog awards in a span of 2 weeks?  We're BREAKING RECORDS, Islanders :)

Tune in tomorrow for the St. Patty's Day hair bow tutorial :)



  1. well aren't you just the sweetest! Thank you! (and you better believe I will pass it along!)

  2. So cute! Stop over and link up to the bloglovin blog hop if you get a chance.

  3. Melanie: I heart your blog and can't wait to read the blogs you pass it on to! ENJOY!

    Jenny: I had an issue signing up for bloglovin' but I will DEF sign-up. Thanks for everything!

  4. Awwwww my fellow Blog Sister...although we never met I must say you are one of a kind. Thanks for the award and shout out! I appreciate the love...

  5. Thanks, Wendy for the comment... I really enjoy your blog!


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