Thursday, February 16, 2012

Space: A New Oral Frontier

I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring an overdue (2 weeks late) announcement:

You may recall my post (here) where I told you about our cute little tooth pillow... Well, I don't know if I ever showed you the finished product.  Islanders, meet Ms. Bow-Princess Tooth Pillow:

Did you click the link for the original post? If you did, please note your eyes aren't playing tricks on you; that post was in October.  Neither the fearful Munch nor I nor the wiggly tooth was ready to part ways. So, in her mouth it stayed...  Which was oral drama for the other baby teeth(note the gap that formed):

Then Hubbs and I returned from my birthday trip to Montego Bay, JA and I noticed the kid's little gap shifted. Weirdest thing to see...

 Sidebar: See that hat? OF COURSE as soon as we head out for a romantic getaway, Munch is named STUDENT OF THE WEEK!  Luckily, however, I returned soon enough to read her favorite story (of the day) to her class and to see the poster she made ALL ABOUT HER:

Her favorite food is fish?! That's funny because I try to AVOID cooking it so it doesn't make the house smell, lol.  O and I 'bout cried when I saw she wants to be a MOMMY when she grows up ::tear:: O and her wish for American [Girl] doll stuff? IGNORED. 

 Where were we? O the tooth. 

Me: "Munch, let me see your mouth."

Munch: "AHhhHHh"

Me: *click* "Euuw, close your mouth, girl!"

CLEARLY that thing had no intentions of gracefully bowing out; it was time for a PRO.  I enlisted the assistance of our beloved Ms. Sandra and, with her little string and a smile, she looped that little sucker right out.

Miss big girl was SO happy she smiled allll the way to the "circle-circle store" (Target) to pick up a bathtub for her doll!

 There was a little drama with the tooth night 1. Well, what-had-happened was... I was so excited that I didn't remember the whole TOOTH FAIRY role and actually  left the tooth in my car. She woke up and screamed, "MOMMY my tooth is in the car so the tooth fairy didn't bring me anything!!"  I made SURE Hubbs didn't forget to remember the next night:


 OK, so what she lost a tooth, right? It's not like she's going on her first date or driving or *gulp*... I can't.  I mean, I'm sure she's still my little-big girl who sings her favorite songs rockin' my hot pink lip gloss...

  AND who robot dances in the toy aisle...

 No one told me it would be hard to watch my child grow up...  I guess this little island is for me to document these little moments for reference when my memory fails me.  Thanks for e-listening to our "drama." I tellya, without you guys and the adorable book, Silverlicious, I don't know what I'd do to cope - lol.

What milestones have you come to and CONQUERED? 



  1. She is absolutely beautiful! I need to find myself a pillow like that. Thank goodness I have some time for that though. We are still into the, "Mommy, I gotta go poo poo!" stage. Love it though!

  2. Jenny, enjoy those days... I'm missing them right now :) The original post (hyperlinked at the top of THIS post) has a link to the free pattern for the pillow! It cost less than $5 to make and the SAME ones sell for around $20...


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