Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Sham} ROCKIN' - Part 1

I've gotten so accustomed to our daily updates that I've GOT to post this tutorial in 2 parts.  One, because it's not finished and, two, because I was reminded of an important lesson while making it.

OK, on to crafts... 

I purchased a 3-pack of canvases from Walmart to change our holiday artwork in the foyer.  Here's what we came up with:

Shamrock Artwork How-To

1. Gather supplies:

1 paper plate
5 grocery bags (or something to protect your work surface)
Green paint
Heart stamper(we re-used one of our V-Day foam hearts)

2. Protect your surface.  I laid out Walmart bags to ensure no spills got on the counter.  I also had Munch take off her school shirt so we didn't ruin our good clothes. I think we're ready:

 3. Use your heart to stamp the canvas with green shamrocks.  3 hearts with the bottoms touching = a shamrock:

 Here's where it got tricky... I have this thing about things lining up and being perfect and... it just wasn't.  Munch just started having fun and letting paint get squishy and hearts less-than perfect and... I 'bout had a heart attack... SERIOUSLY.


What if it doesn't go as planned or if...Then, IT HIT ME!  This is MY blog about MY life... My less-than perfect life... My stuff that I make for MY family... My less-than perfect family...  I thank God for giving me Munchface.  She reminds me to have fun and last night she reminded me to embrace the beauty of imperfections.  This art project is a reflection of who Munch was..."then." 

So, I decided to let her have at it:
I think they turned out just as they were supposed to...  Beautiful. 

 Can you see that ugly GLOP on the bottom left? Yep. That's mine... I did it with my finger... All in the moment and stuff... Yea, that's how I roll...

Like when the KidzBop is blaring and I dance with my kid like I might not ever have another chance... Like how we sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on our imaginary stage... Like... Or... Who am I kidding?  Words can't describe the magic found when you embrace a moment and just.let.go.  All I can say is...That's real fun.

ANYWAYS,  tune in tomorrow for Part 2 and be sure to check back soon for what we're going to do with these beauties for Z's classmates! 

How do you have fun when no one's watching?


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  1. I love it! You're absolutley right that we need to let go and enjoy the moment. Riley is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fanatic and ever since she was little I always needed to get up and do the Hot Dog Dance with her. She runs in circles while I kick out my legs looking like an uncoordinated mama. I love every second of it though!


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