Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebration Vault: Sugar and Spice Shower

The moms of the Sandbox Daycare get together once a month... Well, back when I was a full-time daycare mom, we did... Now, in my big-girl Kindergartner life, I don't get to hang out as often :(

... Anyways, during our monthly "meetings" we sipped wine and talked about everything NOT related to kids celebrated birthdays and other life milestones... O, we also did 'daycare mom' things like plan fundraisers and such (while sipping wine, lol).  So, when we have a fellow mommy expecting, we always come together and host a small shower... I wasn't hosting this event solo, I'll ONLY show you what I contributed. Enjoy!

Onesie Buffet

I purchased 20 white onesies, princess stencils and fabric paint to create a onesie buffet!  I hung string from one end of the room to the other and guests were able to hang their onesie on the "Clothesline of Cuteness."  It was quite an adorable decor element for the shower... The moms loved it so much, they started thinking of ways to incorporate a puffy paint station at parties and play dates.  The kids who were in attendance had just as much fun as the adults! 

Come to think of it, my 10th birthday party was a paint party where my mom opened the basement, turned on the music and let 15 of my girls come over to decorate white tees.  We used scissors and puffy paints to create some awesome tops!  While our creations dried, we danced, styled our hair, painted our nails and put on make up for our fashion show.  IT WAS AMAZING... Until we played a game where we took turns sliding down the steps and my cousin pushed me so hard I flew in the wall (and my KNEE got stuck and made a huge hole that we TRIED to cover up with a plant). Getting in trouble on your birthday is *like* UNheard of... Unless you're me.

Piggy Bank Guest Book

As guests arrived, they signed a Target princess piggy bank with a sharpie... I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's twice as AWESOME when shower decor can double as nursery decor!  It turned out really cute!

Hot Chocolate Favors

I filled small Mason jars with hot chocolate and marshmallows to create this favor... Add a ribbon embellishment, some scrap booking stickers and VOILA! A simple, budget-friendly favor that's perfect for a Fall/Winter shower!


Of course we ate, giggled, gossiped and played a few games but our focus was on spending time with each other.  The good food, good conversation amongst good friends was just an added bonus!

Cheers to celebrating!


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